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Which exciting travel destinations have I visited

My travel experiences to the hottest travel destinations within this travel blog will help you make vacation choices! Where and how you will visit, how much money you have to spend during your trip and all the places to visit are available in Travfashjourno – Naina’s Travel Journal. Let’s take you on a journey of visiting my preferred set of exciting travel destinations!

You can see this website as a travel guide. I have jotted down stories from the European nations of the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Croatia, Serbia. Also, I have written about my travel excursions to Moscow, Russia, the USA & Canada. Since I belong to India, I have written my travel journey in India as well. I am sure you will fall in love with these exciting travel destinations!

What’s more? Keep browsing the menu for articles and information in relation to booking cheap flights and the food choices to look out for. Also, do not miss my airport hacks and tips to book flights. Booking tickets with low airfares and under good discounts is what we always google. Always comparing the prices of the flight tickets from different websites always works for the best!

How to make travel easy for you?

What was my purpose in creating this travel guide for you? There are many choices that travelers and backpackers have to make to put their travel goals into action. Why not suggest the do’s and dont’s ? Why not be a guide to those who are confused about which countries to visit at different times of the year? Is it really expensive to travel and fly? Not really. You can save up to 60% on your travel packages by simply booking, as per my recommendations (there is an article about it in the article section in the main menu). Keep browsing and reading Travfashjourno – Naina’s Travel Journal to know more!

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Would you like to know more about me? Having done my undergrad specializing in BSc (H) in Economics, Maths & Stats from the University of Toronto, Canada along with 3 months of Summer School at Harvard University, I came back to India to settle down. The same year, I started towards an MBA in Media Management and was awarded the same in 2015. I also have undertaken many professional courses and passed the Google Ads Certification, Instagram & Facebook Certifications, and Microsoft Advertising Ads (Bing Ads) Professional Certification.

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I have partnered with many well-known brands and upcoming brands for their promotions. Many are still in the pipeline. I believe in spreading the word for the exquisite brands I truly believe in. I am a voucher for good aesthetics! My Instagram Space and a spiraled network of influencers along with the presence on my blog is what I can offer. Come to me and I shall provide you with widespread reach and great engagement in alignment with your brand goals and objectives. Marketing is in my blood and advertising is my food! I believe one should connect with the product first and then spread the word in their own creative ways. Contact me at naina1989@gmail.com with your requirements/queries.

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Why Blogging?

I am a fanatic of content. Content in any form amazes me ~ Blogs, Short Videos, Web Series, Films (incl. Short Films), Books (Favorite Genre–Crime Fiction), Writing, Poetry & Song Writing. I can endlessly watch Netflix/Prime hours away, as well as read my favorite genre of Crime Fiction quickly! On top of it all, I am very much active on Social Media notably, Instagram & Facebook. I also have a Facebook page to showcase photographic tales.