Life is sweet, a time to meet?

Life is sweet, We can make it be!

How many of us ponder about our lives? Life is certainly sweet! We can surely make it to be! Speculate & conceptualize how good it can be? Or how about worry about how bad it can be? But, we all can agree that it can be sweet. In fact, it is sweet! Our thoughts are just making us melodramatic to feel the fear hidden inside our soul. Our soul is pure, but can our feelings be too? We can imagine that our lives can be sweet and it is indeed time to meet (with our loved ones if they are fair), or meet our own best version of ourselves!

Your Life Will be Incredibly Better if You Pursue Meaning Instead of  Happiness | by Thomas Oppong | Thrive Global | Medium
Source; Medium

Life is sweet,
Oh hey, it’s time to catch the beat,
But, Come on now, let us all meet!
Good news, I have saved you your seat!

How about some punch?
Have you had anything to munch?
Burgers and fries, I have a bunch.
Let’s find out if others have a hunch.

Let us look at the foods,
Isn’t it according to many moods?
“Oi, get your own cup dude!”,
“I will get my cup, but please don’t be rude”.

On another thought of this day,
Apart from my violin, what else to play?
How about the dream of San Francisco Bay?
Maybe if all goes well, I come in May!??

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