Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth

Has anyone seen the “Sweet Tooth” Netflix Series? It released on 4th June 2021. I had seen the trailer before I started watching the complete series. It was amazing! So are the series! I love watching anything with animals and since the season is about animal-human hybrids, I felt compelled to see it! Once you start, you will know the meaning behind the title. It’s a loving story of a young deer hybrid boy in search of his ‘mama’. I have written a poem upon the series. Would you like to read it?

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A Poem

Sweet Tooth review: A Sweet Tooth Poem

A poem worth telling,

Who says? I am not buyin’

Is it about Sweet Tooth?

I would want to be in his photo booth!

A boy so simple,

Only horns without any pimples,

O deer, O deer, 

Why not have a pear?

A journey Colorado bound,

At the train whistle’s sound,

In search of his mama,

He doesn’t have anyone apart from his pubba.

A long way to go,

With neither friend nor foe,

An adventure he must take,

Is it any better than a ride at a lake?

How did you like my poem? You must believe in your thoughts and write away. Why don’t you write a poem yourself? It’s super easy! You just need inspiration, thats all! Take a pen or your keyboard, and start typing. Should I help you?

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