A Song to Tune

A Song to Tune

A Song to Tune

Alright readers, here is a special surprise to make your day and as well as the night! A Song to Tune too! My very first song! The very first lyrics of my song are ready! All I am required to do is make a fine tune with melodies to sing and jingle about! Let’s get ready! 1, 2 and 3! Look down and start humming to the tunes in your mind! A feeling so sound, that you can create your own tunes to the beats of the rhythm and the lyrics. I tried the same and you can see the end result! It’s always exciting to endure your weaknesses as your strengths! I thought I would never excel in making songs, but here I am doing the same! The will power is strong within you just like the force is strong within the JEDI in STAR WARS!

Love is a rhythm that you can never forgive,

Love can show you the world and can treasure your soul,

The skies and the heaven can replenish your minds,

With hunger in bowls that you cannot resist.

Fry away your enemies, in a mountain stone cold,

Be like no other as you are like your own gold.

Your courage is with you, your ownly vibe,

Best left unsaid, it’s you that should be proud.

The birds, the bears and the foxes are your friends,

Why not approach them for a group band?

You know that they are good, so good to be true,

Let’s get the music started and the lyrics on the beat!

How about travel around India or abroad and hum to my song lyrics? Have any melodies in mind, do let me know! In the meanwhile, why don’t you ~

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