Copenhagen City Guide

Copenhagen City Guide

The beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark (Aerial View)
Photograph Clicked by
Photographer: @nainachauhan

Copenhagen is a beautiful city that is seen in the photograph above. As mentioned earlier, it is the capital of Denmark. Via this post, I will be your Copenhagen City Guide. Denmark is a kingdom having its share of kings and queens in the past years. The royalty was concerned with making the city beautiful with its architectural buildings. Instead of focusing on the war, one of the kings was in love with decorating the city. Copenhagen is known for its Canals, Cycling Culture, Strong Economy & Happy Locals. We have already taken a Canal Tour of Copenhagen Sea Harbor. We even saw Nyhavn & the Little Mermaid on the Rock statue. Now, let’s wander on foot to check out other attractions/places of interest! Explore the pages of my version of Copenhagen’s city guide!

Did you know?? It is known as the Happiest City in the World!

This is because Denmark has:

  1. Shorter Workdays
  2. Free College Tuition (Govt. Funded)
  3. Increased Vacation Days
  4. Increased Levels of Personal Interaction
  5. Healthy Lifestyle (Using Bicycle to Work)

This was new information for me as well. It’s when you get to visit Denmark, you will be able to figure out their eco-friendly lifestyle.

How Did I land in Copenhagen?

I had arrived by Norwegian Air from Prague Airport. Earlier, my original destination was Prague, when flown from Delhi. It was a great flight with delicious snacks! The flight was for only 2 hours duration. It was a short flight from the Czech Republic. I could view the sea and the Danish Peninsula, from the edge of the window seat! If you fly, always request for the window seat. Window Seats are always comfortable. Also, you can check out the scenery during the day-time.

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Now, Let’s become a Tourist!

Lakeside Tour

In front of one of the lakes!
Photography by TravFashJourno

Where I am standing, you are looking at SORTEDAM LAKE. There are many lakes and Sortedam is one of them. You can see many migratory birds (Heron, for example) that will roam around in this lake, looking for fish or other aquatic food.

Heron in the Lake
Photography by TravFashJourno
Beautiful House Line from the Lake
Photography by TravFashJourno
Photography by TravFashJourno

King’s Garden

Let’s take you to KING’S GARDEN! King’s Garden or ‘Rosenberg Garden’ was constructed during the rule of King Christian IV. The garden was made as an aesthetic beauty to complement his ‘Rosenberg Palace‘ or known as the ‘Pleasure Place’. From this lake, keep going straight and take a left to the traffic light intersection and straight again from there. You will arrive at your destination at ~ King’s Garden.

The Garden Walkway
Photography by TravFashJourno
The Garden Circle
Photography by TravFashJourno

Børsen ~ Danish Stock Exchange

Børsen ~ Dragon Spire Stock Exchange of Denmark
Photography by TravFashJourno

Børsen (Danish for “the Exchange”), also known as Børsbygningen (“The (Stock) Exchange building” in English), is a 17th-century stock exchange in the center of Copenhagen. The historic building is situated next to Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament, on the island of Slotsholmen. It is a popular tourist attraction. Børsen is most noted for its distinctive spire, shaped as the tails of four dragons twined together, reaching a height of 56 meters.

The Spire under the Sun
Photography by TravFashJourno

Built under the reign of Christian IV in 1619–1640, the building is considered a leading example of the Dutch Renaissance style in Denmark. It is a protected building for conservation purposes. It now serves as the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Folketing ~ Danish Parliament

The Danish Parliament next to the Christiansborg Palace
Photography by TravFashJourno

The Danish Parliament (structure seen above) is also known as “Folketing” to the Danish citizens. It is the only unicameral national legislature of Denmark, The Faroe Islands & Greenland. It stands tall against the Christiansborg Palace of Denmark.

Church of our Savior

Church of our Savior in Copenhagen, Denmark
Photography by TravFashJourno

The Baroque-style church, designed by Vor Frelsers Kirke, is famous for its spiral spire and exterior staircase. Climbing the 90-meter tower is an experience in itself; 400 steps in all, the last 150 on the outside. The reward at the top is a stunning panoramic view over Copenhagen. Also of interest are the baptismal font, donated in 1700 by the Countess Elisabeth Helene von Vieregg, and the organ from 1696.

Directions: By metro, Christianshavn St. Station (lines M1 and M2). By bus, stopping at Christianshavn St. (lines 9A)

Opening Hours: Every day, 11:00 to 15:30

Entry Fee: Free

Reference Source:

Niels Bohr Insititute – Københavns Universitet

Institute Building
Photography by TravFashJourno

Niels Bohr Institute is a research institute at Copenhagen University. It was so exciting to go inside the university (through a friend whose friend had access to the institute). Otherwise, you are not allowed. But, guess what? I got to see the class where Einstein (whose Theory of Relativity is famous) & our very own Aryabhatta (person who had invented 0 number) had studied together. The very same blackboard still exists today. This institute was founded, by Danish Theoretical Physicist ‘Niels Bohr’ in 1921 as an institution to study Theoretical Physics.

Blackboard at Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
Photography by TravFashJourno
Niels Bohr with Max Planck, 1930

Aerial Shots of Copenhagen, Denmark

From the Spiral Top of “Church of My Savior”
Photography by TravFashJourno
From the Spiral Top of “Church of My Savior”
Photography by TravFashJourno
From the Spiral Top of “Church of My Savior”
Photography by TravFashJourno
Geometrical Colorful Buildings
Photography by TravFashJourno

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