The art of revisiting films

Revisiting films
why do we watch films again?

The Art of Revisiting Films

Since the start of the introduction of the films in our daily lives and common communities, we have been watching them multiple times. Have we asked ourselves this question, “Why do we watch films or web series more than once?”. Don’t we all contemplate such questions over the course of our lives? I certainly do. What factors drive such impulsive actions. Let’s dive into the art of revisiting films. As per a study of Netflix watch-time and the rising subscriber base geography-wise at, “Netflix subscribers spend an average of 3.2 hours per day watching content on the platform. Netflix’s mobile app for iOS & Android was downloaded 19 million times in January 2021 alone.” Woah! That’s a huge number! All we have seen is an upward trend rocketing exponentially in Netflix’s charts. Similar trends are visible in the charts of other OTT service providers. What is your favorite OTT channel?

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Possible factors that drive watch time

Blockbuster films to watch again
The art of watching films
Iconic Films of all times (Source: Behance)

Let us brainstorm some of the factors that contribute or even drive the consumers’ intent of watching films or even a series multiple times, maybe in a span of 1 day or even years!

Some possible reasons are:

  • Extreme affection for the characters in the film/series.
  • Love for the plot, cinematography and the direction.
  • Powerful script
  • Love for the language
  • Fanatic about the film’s genre
  • Suspense of the film/series
  • Remembrance of the iconic scenes
  • The art of storytelling
  • The hype around the film/series
  • Marketing techniques and strategies
  • Emotional sentiments
  • The power of celebrity influence

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Why don’t you also tell me your special reasons for watching a film or a series again and again? It would be nice hearing your experiences! You know where to find me, right? You can find me on Linkedin, on Facebook, or if you are connected with me personally on WhatsApp/Instagram. I would love to indulge in entertaining banter.