Poems of the Mountains

Poems of the Mountains

How do I wish to be in the mountains again? Will I get another chance to visit the beautiful Himachal? One of my ancestral homes? I had one opportunity which I undertook and got lucky from Delhi’s sweltering heat! Yet, it was hot during daytime (kind of pleasant) with sun rays beaming at you in glory, and cool cold nights with crickets chirping happily!

You wish to head to the mountain top and have some tea or coffee while enjoying the view of what Mother Nature has to offer? Would like to trek past the trickling water fountains or small rivers glistening past the rocks of the tall hills?

Let’s verse some lines as a poet? Shall we?

Himachal Valley

pine trees
himachal mountains
India’s finest Pines from Himachal
Photo by: Naina (@travfashjourno)

Birds are flying high in the sky,
New travelers are having delicious mud pie,
Spread across the peaks of the tallest mountain,
The mountaineers refreshed themselves with the water fountain!

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Lucious Air

sunset in himachal
sunny himachal
Sunset in Himachal
Photo by: Naina (@travfashjourno)

The scent of the fresh air was sweet,
Even the birds found it right for their daily tweets,
The sun glistened on orange colors,
A hilly area is surely a place out of troubles.

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Love of the Crickets

The sharp pines of Himachal!
Photo by: Naina (@travfashjourno)

Crickets chirp at nights,
They find the light very bright,
Running from the predators without a fright,
Finding the best place to hide!
Oh my oh my! Run fast out of sight!

Naina Singh Chauhan

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