Are you scared to travel?

Scared to Travel

Are you scared to travel?

Are you really scared to travel, now that the lockdown is over? Now, all the states in our home country India are inviting tourists to enter their territories? Now that some countries who are taking COVID-19 precautions are opening their national borders for tourism? Will you travel? Would you want to explore the majestic places? If you’d ask me, I certainly would travel! Currently, I am only able to travel within the Indian boundaries & not internationally. Our domestic flights had started from Mid June catering to those who were looking to go to their homes. They were relieved to meet their loved ones. Yet, some cannot as flights cannot fly to the place, e.g. remote areas in our Hinterland of India. These individuals were waiting for the removal of e-pass, and it has been finally removed by stringent states such as Himachal & Uttarakhand. Yet, J&K remains shut. Our international flights are not operational at the moment for mainstream commercial travel.

10 Horrifying Facts About Flying
Scared to travel
Scared of Travelling during Covid?
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⬇️ Are the outbound flights open in your country? YES? Then, pack and travel! It will help you save yourself from depression and any isolated negativity!

⬇️ Are the outbound flights closed in your country? OH WELL! You have to wait for them to re-open or roam around within your country if it’s allowed!

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How about Travel in India?

Scared to travel
The States of India!
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Calling all travelers to my home country India!! We have beautiful states to travel and explore our heritage and history!! North-South East & West, India is best for travel! Enjoy it in the winter season, or even next Spring/Summer! You will see snow in the Himalayas and up north! As well as cool & pleasant breeze !! For all national travels within India, please do visit Travel Website to book your Plane/Road/Train tickets! They have very reasonably priced tickets with tie-ups with the airlines as well as the roadways and trains! Also, as a bonus, you can use my REFERRAL CODE “EDHNAINA” to avail further discounts! Super cool right? NO! It’s uber-cool!!

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Super Cool Travel Packages!!

Packages for Kedarnath-Tugnath-Chopta (Uttrakhand) & Shimla-Manali (Himachal) have been introduced & you can book now for them!! The best thing is that you do not require any E-Pass to travel to these glorious states! These restrictions have been relaxed to facilitate tourism for the respective states and as well for India.

Kedarnath – Tugnath – Chopta Trail

Kedarnath Trip in India
Kedarnath Package
Kedarnath Cheap package
Kedarnath – Tugnath – Chopta Details!
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Kedarnath Yatra Trek

Kedarnath Cheap Travel Package
Kedarnath trip India
Kedarnath Yatra Details!
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E-Pass Free Himachal

Epass free himachal
No epass for Himachal
E-Pass Free Himachal! Yay!
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Shimla – Manali Trip

Shimla Manali Cheap Travel Package
Shimla Manali Trip!
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