Vlogging Journey to Mumbai

Vlogging Journey to Mumbai

It was a surprise when these two vloggers traveled to Mumbai last night on a flight from Delhi! Who are these two bloggers? They are none other than Yashish (@dear_manzil) & Anurag (@dady_loves_biking). Yashish helps folks travel cheaper and easier. He is into all kinds of adventure and exploration: Trekking, Camping, Road trips & more! Anurag, on the other hand, is a frequent traveler, rider who travels mostly with his dog ‘Scooby’. How nice right? These two are in Maharashtra to cover their exclusive vlogging journey to Mumbai, and then onwards to Matheran. Their videos share immense knowledge on travel booking tips, places to visit, best hotels to stay, best foods to eat, breathtaking landscape views and much more! You must follow them as your guide! They cover their travels both on Youtube & Instagram (mentioned their handles above).

It started off with Yashish Kumar | Budget Travel | Travel Vlogging (@dear_manzil) • Instagram photos and videos. But, first, VADA PAV: Yashish Kumar | Budget Travel | Travel Vlogging (@dear_manzil) • Instagram photos and videos!

YouTube Vlogging Channels

Apart from their Instagram vlogging, they are on YouTube as their major media of content sharing. What are their YouTube Vlogging Channels?

Anurag is available on @travelrush2022 & Yashish is on @DearManzil.

Yashish’s YouTube Channel

Dear Manzil Youtube Channel
Yashish Kumar

Yashish is a pro at exploration. He is also a frequent traveler, and travels almost every weekend to cover as much in India as possible. Where is Jibhi? I had no clue until I saw his vlog: Visit Jibhi, and Spiti area of Himachal?

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Anurag’s YouTube Channel

Travelrush2022 YouTube channel
Anurag Kumar

Anurag has a diverse set of videos to look at! Some are hilarious, some serious, some inspirational and many others motivating! You will get to see Scooby too! But, what happened to his Drone? It was an expensive one: Drone ko kya hua?

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