Goodbyes with Spring’s Arrival

Goodbyes with Spring's arrival with my cosy poems for Spring.

Goodbyes with Spring’s Arrival

Spring is a beautiful season to look forward to! If you are experiencing in the other hemisphere of the world, you are lucky! Meanwhile, another hemisphere must be dreading winters! Though, some love winters, right? But, are you ready to bit goodbyes to winter and wait for spring’s arrival? I particularly enjoy the spring season when it’s not too cold and not too warm, but with a perfectly pleasant breeze. It’s also bright sunny but not too hot! The sun gives us the reason to get out and enjoy our spring days to the fullest! Do you enjoy the same too? I bet you do! How many of you are winter fans? I also enjoy winter but only if I am cozied up in my blankets! What fun right? So, hereby I have written a short poem with couplets to make your day! Read them while you listen to a sweet melody of birds or even the sound of the sky. You can google them on youtube and you will feel really good to start your day! So, keep reading and enjoying the spring vibe and bid adieu to the cold in your mind. After all, you got to stay warm in winters. Why not think about spring and keep warm? Good idea right?

Goodbyes with Spring's arrival
Awaiting Spring! (Credit: Medium)

Let’s kick the cold goodbye,
Cozed up in our quilts, let’s eat our pies.

How soon Spring, will you arrive?
Such that we are content and alive!

Will you sing us your fine melodies?
After all, we would like to sing in many cities.

Nobody but a safe sound,
That keeps everyone cozy around.

Purple skies and butterflies,
When will you all arrive?

As I want to reach the stars,
Without wrapping myself with a scarf.

But goodbyes hurt don’t they?
Will you come back as I pray?

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