Mixed emotions and feelings

Mixed Emotions and Feelings

Do you feel mixed emotions and feelings always? or occasionally? or just not at all? I personally feel all sets of feelings all the time. It is natural for a human to feel many feelings at once. But, sometimes it’s stressful to be associated with multiple emotions and feelings at the same time! Mixed emotions and feelings sometimes can be a load on your mind and your shoulders. You must break free from its shackles! A way to do it? Read my below poem and the chains of your fear will be unlocked for you to Frolik around in happiness!

Mixed Emotions and feelings
How do you react? (Photo Credit: Mindful.Org)

The Poem for your Emotions

Where the river flows,

Our sweet aspirations go.

Early morning gives us a reason to smile,

Now stop rummaging through your files.

The birds are singing,

Look what the new world is bringing,

All I can think of are baked goodies,

Aren’t I one of the big group of foodies?

Sometimes pain comforts you in your misery,

Sometimes strength comes from just a blueberry,

It is wise to succumb to your tears,

Don’t let your dark side become your fear!

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