Merry Christmas Everyone

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naina singh chauhan

Merry Christmas Everyone

by Naina Singh Chauhan

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s a wonderful time of the year when we all celebrate Christmas. It is a season that sparks all our lives with happiness and excitement. Are you excited as well? Have you wondered why Christmas is revered and celebrated all over the world? But first, let us ask ourselves that how are we going to celebrate?

Naina Singh Chauhan
Snowman made by me in Ottawa, Canada (2011)

I would love to be a part of the global Christmas celebrations. The thought of Christmas makes me happy. Snowflakes are following on your shoulder. It’s a snowy weekend, and you realize that the snow is in your footsteps. Will you shake it off or bend down to hold it in your hand and feel it melt on your palm? Sublime right? I know some of you are making plans to the snowy cities of Himachal – Kufri, Manali and even of Kashmir – Gulmarg.

Naina Singh Chauhan
Merry Christmas by Naina

How did Christmas Start?

Christmas is a concept that was and is still accepted as a national symbol of the birth of Christ. Christmas tells a story about connecting with your loved ones and connecting with them via stories. Apart from the religious importance, it has become a cultural festival involving heavy discounts on eCommerce and in-store savings. All of us love to shop! What best season to save, if not Christmas and/new year? Let us read about some astonishing Christmas facts:

  • Christmas dates back to the Egyptians and the Romans. These historic groups used to decorate their halls with greenery honoring the coming of spring. You are re-visiting history!
  • The idea of the christmas tree is credited to Prince Albert of Germany, the husband of Victoria Queen of England. It was a present for the Queen of England.
  • In 1931, Santa Claus first appeared on an illustrated advertisement. Haddon Sundblom was the mastermind behind the illustration.
  • Black Friday isn’t the busiest shopping festival for amercians. On the friday or saturday before christmas, all americans head to the mall to buy gifts for christmas.
  • Jingle Bells was originally a song for Thanksgiving.
  • Astronauts broadcast Jingle Bells song from space as a national prank on Christmas in 1965.
  • Silent Night is the most recorded song. It has 733 different versions and copyright since 1978.
  • Santa has his own Canadian Postal Code. More info, please visit: 35 Surprising Christmas Facts – Good Housekeeping

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Shocked by all these facts right? Christmas is much more than what we have on our plates! Keep exploring and Merry Christmas to you all!