The poem of a boy

The Poem of a Boy

Let’s now read a different poem, about a boy and his mother. They both are sweet. How about feeling the same in this short poem? The poems I write come out of nowhere and are spontaneous! Now, this is a story about how the baby boy and his mother love each other and long for each other. They both miss each other but are worlds apart. They sadly are in different cities and not able to meet. The poem expresses the love between them. It expresses the mother’s wish to be reunited with her child. Emotional isn’t it? I ended up in tears after I created this poem. I was thinking of a similar situation and felt the words come on to my fingers and on to this page! The poem about a boy who is gentle and sweet, yet caught in the distress of this very busy occupational world where one has to fend for themselves in order to survive. After all, it is the survival of the fittest. Don’t you agree? Chalo, I won’t take much of your time and just a few minutes of your patience. Happy reading! Do take a napkin if you wish to cry 🙂

A boy so gentle and nice,

A boy who loves to eat fries,

Oh, how about some pies?

No, no, let us both cook some rice.

Welcoming the parrots with open heart,

It’s time to play some darts.

Isn’t it fun to laugh and play,

Wait,wait, there is much more to say!

I am sure you are missing your mom,

Don’t worry, let’s watch some rom coms.

I also want to cuddle her again,

before it begins to rain.

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