How to travel to Canada

how to travel to Canada

How to travel to Canada?

I have spoke to many friends, and they had only one question in their mind: “How to travel to Canada”? It is indeed an interesting question. Canada has closed its borders to international travelers. People don’t know when and how to visit Canada. The Canadian government has announced that from Sept 07, 2021, fully vaccinated international travelers can enter the country, without having to spend quarantine in hotels and incur a minimum of CAD 2000 expenses.

How to travel back-and-forth to India?

If they banned direct flights to Canada from India, how will Indians visit? How to travel back and forth to India? Well, there is the indirect route via third-party countries. Unless they uplift the ban for us, we have only one option, and that is to travel via other countries. We also will have to get the Covid-19 tests done in each country we transit in. Acceptable Vaccines are Pfizer, AstraZeneca/Covishield, Johnsons & Johnsons, Moderna. Sputnik & Covaxin are prohibited by Canada.

how to travel to canada
Indirect Routes to Canada from India

Go through quarantine procedures if you are not jabbed. Traveling routes have opened via Mexico, Turkey, Maldives, Mauritius, Albania, Qatar, Serbia, Poland, and many more. Is this route expensive? Yes, it is! Since it’s the only way that you can get to Canada, its demand is high! Prices are skyrocketing. You will get an average ticket of 2-3 Lakhs one way covering two to three transit countries (yes, go via these countries – no other option unless direct flights start!). Be smart to book these tickets. Just follow my tips/tricks/hacks in How to Book a Cheap Flight. Since Sept 27th, flights to and from India and Canada have been resumed. It’s your wish if you like to take the direct route or the indirect ones. Indirect ones maybe now cheaper than before as direct flights have started. But, please compare the prices of both types and then book the ticket.

Who all are eligible to travel?

how to travel to Canada

You can visit the Canada Immigration website: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada – for detailed information on who can travel to Canada & the type of visas required. People can travel on Student Visa as a student (Currently popular), Work Visa (as a federal worker), Business Visa, PR (Permanent Residency), or on a Refugee/Asylum Status (e.g. Afghan Refugees). Visitor Visa has not started yet and will start soon for global intake from Sept 07, 2021. Canada is hoping that India has more reduced Covid infections count per day, to allow travel to and from India. When? Only the Canadian government has the answers to this question! Are you hoping to have Canada open to the world? CANADA IS NOW OPEN 🙂

Naina Singh Chauhan

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