Which tv shows to watch?

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what tv shows to watch

Which tv shows to watch?

You must be wondering which tv shows to watch? I have the perfect recommendations. I watch a lot of content online, especially those on Netflix, Prime Video & Disney+ Hotstar. As per the world, these three are the most famous Video OTT platforms that give you the best content varieties. Let me give you a taste of some amazing stories! Oh yes, you can trust me for sure as Netflix, Prime Video & Disney+ Hotstar are my major sources of entertainment. Do you agree? Well, keep watching!

Merlin – Netflix

Which movies tv shows to watch

Merlin is a fine touch of history and magic. As some of you may have read, Merlin was a powerful sorcerer in medieval times, in the time of King Arthur. Merlin was King Arthur’s companion and always showed him the way to glory. There are mysterious reasons for Merlin’s death but he was there till the end. I won’t reveal much as Merlin’s all seasons are an exciting watch! Anyone who loves magic, go for it! By the way, I have watched the series twice. If I can, why can’t you?

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Hemlock Grove – Netflix

Hemlock Grove
Which omvies tv shows to watch

Now, what can I say about Netflix’s Hemlock Grove? It is a twisted thriller that will play with your mind. It did with mine. But, it is a fun watch. You get hooked on it since episode one! The acting and the montages are top-notch! Such powerful direction and dialogue delivery, these are too good! A supernatural thriller, I would say! Switch on Netflix and watch! Watch it at your own risk! It’s pretty freaky!

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Flash Series – Prime Video

The Flash Series
Which movies tv shows to watch

I am a fan of CW’s The Flash for a long time! It was earlier broadcasted on Disney+ Hotstar in India. Now it is on Prime Video! How cool can that be? About how a lab particle accelerator explosion can cause many metahumans to have their superhuman powers is extraordinary! You will not be disappointed in an episode of the flash! Currently, it’s airing its 7th season! But, wait, there is more! Flash has started filming its next season in the rainy Vancourver! New episodes are out!

Loki Series by Marvel – Disney+ Hotstar

Loki: Release date, episodes, trailers, cast and everything you need to now  about the Disney+ series | Marca

What can I say about Loki? He has his own tv series! How fun can that be? It starts with one scene from Marvel’s Avengers, where Loki disappears within time with the tesseract! Where does he go? You will see it in the start of this series! It’s hilarious! You won’t stop laughing at his mischievous businesses! The series has a nice cast attached to it! A must-watch! HAWKEYE IS NEXT & IT’S LIVE ON DISNEY+HOTSTAR!

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