Canada Student Life

Canada Student Life

My Canadian student life was fun. I had a ball of a time. I miss it tremendously. Willing to go back again and experience the same vibes and, even better, from touristing and revisiting my favourite spots, also to try fresh places. The visa is easy to get. It is simple, if you follow all the steps that the Canadian Government throws at you. What programs are you willing to study in Canada? Thought about that? You should right now, if you are looking to study in Canada. What’s stopping you? I am sure you will love it there! How has my student life been during my tenure in Canada from 2007 to 2013?

How has the experience of Canada Student Life been?

It was fantastic! The education was world-class and more interactive than what you face in India. You are being brought up with values that you wouldn’t have imagined Canadians having them. Canadians are super friendly and help you whenever in need. They are also learning with you and always need a helping hand as well. Though I am not criticizing about my home country but our education standards need up-gradation, especially during schooling years. The colleges and universities are fine – much more relaxing. In Canada, I used to study in libraries that maintained decorum in study rooms. As a group member, used to suggest strategies on how to create innovated ideas in presentations and even analysis reports. The concept of teamwork is ever memorable. Oh, I enjoy memories. Do you?

My friends & I used to hang out in the malls after classes as we had direct public clean buses that dropped us off at the start of the mall, Square One in Downtown Mississuaga (they had a bus station!). We had got complimentary bus passes to use with our Student ID card for smooth travels (transport fee we were paying as tuition). We had lockers and had even movie nights to look forward to. I was a part of the Hindu Student Council organising Indian Events such as Diwali, Holi,. We also had party nights at the Blind Duck Pub every Thursdays.

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Summer School at the University of Toronto

They made all students comfortable. In my first two years, I had stayed in dorms (similar to hostels). They accepted me in the University of Windsor, Windsor from India (without giving IELTS) and then I transferred to the University of Toronto Mississauga at Mississauga/Toronto (Greater Toronto Area). I shall make this simpler for you. Mississauga is a famous suburb of Toronto, just like Gurgaon/Gurugram or Noida of Delhi, NCR. I used to do summer school in my summers to speed up my credits to graduate faster – I stayed back in Canada and did not come to India.

At the time, I was stationed at St. George Campus (Downtown Campus) of the University of Toronto. It was their main campus. I had done some research and found out that it was bombed during WWII. You can literally see one cone of the university building broken. Also, Canada’s national icon and landmark, the CN Tower is just 5-10 mins walking distance away and you can see it from the university! Being used to the Canadian food joints, especially fast food and their onion rings, don’t forget Donuts & Hot Chocolate! Eaton center, the famous mall in the Yonge-Dundas square, was just 20 mins walk away. Also, I could catch a greyhound bus from the greyhound terminal, just opposite the Eaton Center to go to various destinations in Canada, and even the USA. There was an overnight bus to New York City, USA. Staying alone gave me the strength to lead an independent life. I learn’t many things over my 6 years I spent in Canada.

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Is Canada good to stay in?

Some may have opposing views, but I am with the optimistic side. I love Canada and would love to spend my holidays there, in the next opportunity I get (once flights start from India to Canada). I am longing for a vacation, a much prolonged one. You can see it all – the countryside, the lakes, the ocean, the wildlife and aquatic life and enormous castles with excellent cuisines of different cultures. Shopping antiques is one favourite pastime there – I also had shopped from Quebec City, the capital of the French Province of Canada – Quebec.

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The air is superb. You can literally breathe with fewer PM emissions. They well looked at the environment after and the roads were cleaned daily morning and evening/night. You have quick bus service and the subway service from 5 AM (morning) to 1 AM (the next day). The subway connected the GTA! If you want to reach anywhere quickly, use the subway! They have the quickest service ever, and less crowded than then New York Metros!

What meal did I find memorable?

Meals meals meals, our most important item in a day’s bucket list! Are you a foodie too, like me? Are you willing to experiment cuisines out of your comfort ones? One of my favorite snacks I cherish in Canada is Tim Horton’s Donuts, Timbits & Hot Chocolate. Then, I disliked coffee. It was always bitter for me until a couple of years back. I guess, as you grow older, your tastes and habits change. Burgers from MCD or Burger King or Wendys’ where are to go foods! How can I forget Pizza Pizza? It was one of the most popular joints back then. But now, a lot of exotic cafe’s and restaurants have been opened! You can see in many videos on YouTube! Do check out @waddupcanada on Youtube! You would be surprised with the food recommendations, and also will learn about survival strategies in Canada!

What are the best scenic places I visited?

The best scenic places I have been to is Quebec City, Montreal, Montebello & a place up north (8 hours from Ottawa) towards the eastern coastline where the ocean and the rivers meet, and so does the Atlantic provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador and New Brunswick. However, the hottest places (I have been to) is Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara Town & Falls, Chatham & Windsor! You can party day and night there! The night-life is amazing! The bars and restaurants are all lighted for you to enjoy! You can even roam around post midnight, It’s pretty safe! I am sure Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Nunavut are equally fun! I am yet to explore these places and are in my next bucket list! My dream is to witness the beautiful colors of the northern lights and the magnetism of the arctic atmosphere. I would want to travel across Canada

So, do you think you are ready for a Student Life in Canada?

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