Motivational Poems

naina singh chauhan

Motivational Poems

Have you read my previous poem(s) on Motivation? If not, please do read it. It will surely inspire you and motivate you in your daily tasks & activities. I wrote them spontaneously. I have penned some more motivational poems for you to see and read. Poetry that can help you overcome your demons and darkness is a must-read! READ ON!

Goodbyes to Bygones

Source: LinkedIn Business Stations

Let Bygones be bygones,

They are enough to start a drill,

Fresh we start, much away from our phones,

Yet, don’t think too much for you to take a pill.

Creative Soul

Source: Caverna Cosmica

Dance, sing, paint and write,

Refresh your memories of a teen,

Do not let yourself in a brutal fight,

This way you can get over the mean.

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Happy Mind

Source: Medium

Smile and you will feel strong,

Laugh and your mind will clear,

Close your eyes and think of a blissful song,

Believe in yourself and you will conquer your fear.

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Believe in Yourself

Source: Success Unlimited Mantra

Trust your soul and never let it,

breathe air like the digits of the pie (i.e. the endless math number & not the food),

Never let your guard down with a sigh,

Don’t worry lads, it is not the time for you to say goodbye!