Home Theater Common Mistakes

A day with the Home Theater System

It’s the weekend, finally! Time to watch some movies with my family. Oo Gosh why isn’t the volume working. Ugh!!! My wife’s gonna kill me. The damn doggo bit the wires again. Alas! It took a day to repair the system, now we have only one day, Sunday, to enjoy! Now, where did I put the remote? Oh no Doggo!, where did you hide the remote. Gosh, I wish I could control this theater system from my phone. Now I have to stand up and change the volume by hand every time. Ughhh!!! My wife just said that she is having some friends over too to watch the movie but after the repair, the wires are all over the place and the system is ugly too, my wife’s gonna kill me this time. All because of you Doggo, she going to divorce me. (Doggo said “it’s not my mistake your choice is so bad”) What!!! Did my dog just speak up? I should I lock myself up and wish my wife never finds me? Well, this scenario wouldn’t have been created if people were aware of the mistakes they do before buying a home theater or setting up one here are some common mistakes people make before designing their home theater. Let’s take a walk around the offerings of The Sound Factor to design your innovative home theater system.

Common Mistakes while designing the Home Theater

1. Quality and looks – both matter: Of course the sound should be your priority while buying a home theater, but looks do matter. Imagine wearing green pants or a white shirt. Yup, you look weird enough for doggo to piss on you. Hence the speakers should look cool and match the interior of your room. You don’t want to make your wife mad when her friends point out the ugliness of the box-shaped speakers. They should match the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor), I didn’t make this up. It’s real.!!

2. Technology should be hidden: Now you don’t work for “THE ANONYMOUS” group. Nor you are a geek who changes devices every day. You are designing a home theater. Not a ServerJust get rid of the wires!!!!. Before Doggo finds it chewable. Try to get wireless devices as much as possible. 

3. Technology should be at ease of access: We all have smartphones but we aren’t smart enough to use them. What’s the point of having a smartphone if you can’t use it to flex your smartness. Get the technology that can be used by your phones and as the technology is rising as ever and before the terminators take control of the earth. Try using gesture and sound-controlled devices. And just surrender to the robots.

If you apply all these points while designing a home theater then I hope that your dog doesn’t become the reason for your divorce. Just man up and become the reason yourself. Just kidding, hah!! Now we know what all factors are considered in setting up a home theater system. It is not easy, no doubt, but it requires smart work. By smart work, I refer to extensive research on the type of the theater system and the ease of using it.

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