Best places to visit in Prague

Prague, where shall we visit?

You must wonder now, what are the best places to visit in Prague? Right? Where to go? I am sure I am right. Hahaha! I am here to guide you indeed! All you need to do is just check out my photographs of the places that I have visited. Follow where I have been, and viola, you will see Prague through my eyes. Also, yours! After all, it’s your eyes that capture and click snapshots of the city’s attractions! Check the below snaps out!!

The Old Town Square

The Old Town Square (main central hangout attraction) is a famous place to walk to from the major hotels in Prague. You can hop to this place in just 15-20 mins by walk! The walk is pleasant for you, is not it? There are several alleys crisscrossing at all corners of this square with exclusive eating joints to your liking. Even a Starbucks awaits your presence for some Czech Brew Coffee & a bite of sweet baked cakes, pastries & even waffles! I would definitely recommend ‘The Old Town Square’ as one of the best places to visit in Prague.

The Old Town Square is a photographic location and you can take a lot of photos with just anyone in the background (even the cartoon figures, as you can see in my pictures)! It was fun! An important trivia: the Mole figure is very common in the Czech Republic and you will see more of those in Prague. It is a cartoon that was created by a cartoonist of Czech descent. Don’t be surprised if you spot them in the shops or even in the Airports! A good collectible!

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Best places to visit in prague
A Panda fun Evening (in front of the Powder Tower) ~ foothold of the Prague wall

Periska Street of Prague

So, I was roaming around the Main Old Town Square (You will find 2-3 people dressed up as Bears/Pandas, etc & Periska Street ~ where you can see luxury shops lined up. Some names you are familiar with ~ Dior, Prada, Longchamp, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc. I chose to mark my memory in front of the Dior Store.

Back Alleys behind Old Town Square

Start roaming around the back alleys and you will find many stores of your liking and a national bank, known as CESKA NARODNI BANKA, which you will think is like Hogwarts Gringotts bank! It was so widespread & huge!! Prague is also a hotspot for Super Cars of all kinds! Ferrari, Lamborgini, Porsche, and many more!!

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