Dubrovnik Old Town – GOT Style

Dubrovnik Old Town

So, this is the most wanted part of the trip that I had gone with an element of surprise! The place was none other than Dubrovnik, the city along the coastal sea line. I got to visit Dubrovnik Old Town in GOT style! How cool is that? If you notice, I have included shots from HBO’s museum for Game of Thrones.

dubrovnik old town got style
Queen of the North & the 7 Kingdoms! The Throne is Mine!

I am sitting on the majestic throne of the seven kingdoms. Have I got the zeal of a Game of Thrones queen? Will I be able to rule the seven kingdoms well enough for the audience to praise me? I believe that the reign depends on how the public is managed. Ok, enough of me being a queen! Enjoy the rest of the journey!

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More pictures of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Loved these? Wait till you see more! Dubrovnik, all colorful in Orange & Blue! Breathtaking Views from my Camera! Can you spot me in the background? Why don’t you explore more at: Bing Dubrovnik Places to Explore? You must take the Game of Thrones walk in the Dubrovnik Old Town with style. Should I suggest an idea? You can take pictures of the film set and point out in your digital photographs to your audience. From the steps, the view of the Adriatic Sea is magnificent. You feel as if you are in a dreamland of your own.