Indian Affiliate Summit 2023

Indian Affiliate Summit in Gurugram, Delhi NCR

India is known for organizing Advertising summits and conventions all year round. You can be a part of multiple that cater to your advertising and brand management needs. The Indian Affiliate Summit (IAS) is a must-attend event for anyone interested in affiliate marketing. The IAS is held annually in mid-October at the Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences in Gurugram, Delhi NCR. It is one of the prime events in the field of Affiliate Marketing! Advertisers approach several Advertising agencies and so called ‘affiliates’ for exchange of mutually beneficial businesses. I had the opportunity to attend the event #IAS23 on 11th and 12th October 2023. Let me tell you, my story!

It was a warm welcome inside the Leela hotel. Can you believe it? There were over 7000 participants at the affair! I have never seen such a presence at any event in India. Multiple exhibitors and speakers were present. You can have a nice look at the event’s official website: India Affiliate Summit 2023.

What is the Indian Affiliate Summit & what was in store in 2023?

The Indian Affiliate Summit is an advertising and marketing convention where literally everyone from the advertising industry comes to meet at one place. They exchange knowledge, their business cards and campaign schedules with each other. Good business relations are a result of such an event. Who will attend the IAS 2024? The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and VCommission hosted the Indian Affiliate Summit (IAS) in 2023, with Valueleaf powering the event and Shoogloo and Admitad (a Mitgo Company) bringing it to you.

We had over 70+ stalls catering to 1000+ companies, 300+ Affiliate Networks, 250+ Advertisers & 75+ Speakers! It was a large event indeed! Bloggers and aspiring content writers are an attraction for the event! Coverage is an added asset for everyone! Indian Affiliate Summit 2023 offered attendees a plethora of knowledge and insights into the affiliate marketing industry, through interactions with speakers, advertisers, affiliate networks, and bloggers.

Who will you meet at #IAS?

Indian Affiliate Summit Attendees

This image says it all! Are you super excited to attend next year? 🙂

Why attend, you may ask? How about for the following reasons?

  1. To develop strong professional bonds & networking opportunities.
  2. To learn from experts hosting Affiliate Masterclass seminars within the event program.
  3. To explore untapped channels & to know about the latest marketing trends and vital updates of the industry up close.
  4. To generate high quality leads & close deals.
  5. To expand more avenues of monetization & increase revenue potential (High ROI v/s ROAS).

Tell me, then, when are you Delhi bound?

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The next saga of the Affiliate Summit will appear soon & another leg ‘AdTech’ has happened already from 13th March to 14th March at Dwarka, New Delhi now! I shall update the booking info soon!