Funny and Weird Travel Stories

funny and weird travel stories

Funny or Weird Travel Stories

Hey!! You know, travel is always fun when you explore a lot of places. Hike to a mountain, walk on a trail, play with the snow, sight-see around cities, walk up to the volcano, scuba dive, and many more activities that make your adrenaline go crazy! Right? In your travels, you experience many incidents that make up your funny and weird travel stories. I am sure you all have one! I DO TOO! Here I shall entertain you with them! You will laugh like no other! Also, you will be more careful in your future travels!

Engine Failure of a Flight before taking off

funny travel stories
Engine Failure
Picture Credit: Journal Enquirer

This was a hilarious incident, though scary. I along with other passengers, was waiting at Belgrade Airport to head off to Moscow, having New Delhi as my final destination. We all had boarded the aircraft and 40 minutes along, having been seated in the heated aircraft without air condition, we were told to de-board the plane having the plane ended with an engine failure. Yet, we were told to board the plane yet again after 2 hours and we were off to Moscow (though I had to miss my flight to Delhi on the same day which leads to yet again the weird and funny story of my subsequent travel).

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Missed flight from Moscow to South Korea

The story continues from Moscow. They put me on a flight to Seoul, South Korea (from now on in time & flying for 9 hours) and from Seoul to New Delhi (going back in time and another 8 hours of flight). But, waiting for the Delhi flight, I had fun roaming around Seoul airport and it’s pretty classy and nice! I also witnessed the South Korean royalty procession of a Prince and Princesses. Landing on an Island was the best part of this diversion to South Korea. Islands are my favorite.

Almost missed my flight to Canada from the USA (Washington DC)

Spectacular Flight!
Picture Credit: Britannica

Listen to this! At the time of my stay in Canada, I used to travel back and forth from India to Canada. Yet, on a very peculiar day, I was stranded at Washington, DC, airport. My last-minute boarding gate confirmation saved me from missing my only flight of the day to Canada. Originally, the boarding gate was in one terminal and a sudden change of the gate landed in another terminal, quite far from the one I was waiting for. It was hilarious! I ran like a speedster to the SkyTrain and took the internal airport train to the destined terminal. The flight attendant greeted me with a line. I still remember, “You have just made it in time. The plane was going to leave in 5 minutes! Glad to have you on board!” What memories eh? Sublime and splendid!

Re-Booking Connecting flight from LaGuardia Airport, New Jersey, USA

You must love this short story that I am about to tell. It’s a quickie. I was on my way from New Delhi to New York JFK Airport (their major airport & the very busiest in the world). I had a connecting flight from this same airport to Ottawa, Canada (my earlier home away from home). But, my bags (3 of them) had come late on the luggage belt. This made me wait for my bags and miss my connecting flight. Yet, I did not panic. All I did was book another flight for a discounted price (only $50) and had to take a shuttle from JFK airport to LaGuardia Airport across the New York city over to New Jersey State (bordering state). Alas, I had caught my flight from LaGuardia Airport. It was fun, though an exhausting day! All I did was sleep for 13 hours straight that night, counting for jetlag’s times as well.

Stay Tuned for more updates on my Weird and funny travel stories! Some exciting ones soon, once you read the above ones! Toodles for now!