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Ever been to Shimla? I don’t know about you, but I have been. It is located on top of the mountains further north within the colder areas of Himachal. Currently, if you visit, you will witness snowfall and flurries. You can make an angel in the snow or hide from one another in snowball fights! Simply by writing, I have been teleported to Shimla. How cool is that? I meant it figuratively since I don’t have special mutant powers to teleport. Maybe, a poor joke perhaps for some, but I am laughing now. When I visited sometime back, the mall road was crowded with pedestrians who also were a part of the visitor pool. They were properly dressed for the cold, though it was very hot with the sun giving us enough Vitamin D to absorb. But, we were all covered so we might have received about 30% of the regular intake. About my story, you will feel the need to write each detail down in your “Shimla Diaries”, like the way I have done.

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How has my journey been to Shimla?

Shimla Diaries Himachal travels

So, for the first time, I had fallen sick on the road trip to Shimla as I had consumed Haldi Doodh (Turmeric Milk) just before catching the ride up to the mountains. I was not advised before and could have been avoided. As per superstitions and health reasons, one should not drink milk or even water before travels as it will upset your stomach and infuse with the gastric juices in your stomach, and everything will come out eventually. This was my first half of the journey. Let’s walk to the second half. It was a comfortable walk from the parking lot to the Lift that takes us to the famous “Mall Road” of Shimla city. It was a pretty long promenade, equally satisfying.

How is the Mall Road in Shimla?

In front of the National Flag @ Shimla

The last I visited was during my childhood days where I had ridden on the horses on the mall road. Lot had changed. The mall road was decorated with many branded outlets like Puma, Nike, Accessorize, Dominoes, and other brands. I could also spot some cafes and a Chinese restaurant. Yet, the colorful beauty of the small houses took my heart. Those houses were at the other end of the mall road which housed the city’s Post Office HQ! Just opposite was the city’s Fire Department and the Police Station. These centers looked like monuments of great architecture. It was a place where tourists were taking photographs as if capturing themselves in front of monuments.

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How would I rate Shimla?

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At Mall Road, Shimla

It’s a great city to visit in all seasons ~ Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. You would love to hang out near the army quarters as well as the Dance & Drama Academy! I wish I were enrolled there! Learning the performing arts in the Himalayas is really exciting. Also, you could walk in the parks and stand over the edge of the railings to see beautiful sights of the majestic mountain tops. Sometimes, you will find monkeys asking for bananas to eat These monkeys can also be your friends if provide the bananas for them. How about catching a ride on the horses that are lined up over a mile from the tall national flag of India. The mall road is a wide space for performing any activities you wish to do, even an impromptu dance act can do the trick. It’s an amazing film shoot location as well and has served sets for a film “Jab We Met” that proved to be an iconic and memorable one! After clicking enough photos, we took the ride back home. It was only a visit of a couple of hours and I was blown away at the same time! How d’you like my Shimla Diaries?

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