Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is one of the amazing parks to visit in USA. I had a ball of a time, trying to find bears and other exotic animals as well as birds. There is a lake in between the park, with iconic mountains where budding climbers set their goals and expeditions to climb. It’s not that easy to climb.

Welcome to Yosemite ~ The Land of the Giant Sequoias!

I hereby welcome you to Yosemite National Park, a park located at the borderline states of California & Nevada. This park has a handful of Giant Sequoias (Trees with thick body stem and holes in between them). The Sequoias (Pronounce it as “See-ko-ee-yaas”) are huge & massive trees and only are naturally inclined in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range (we will come to the mountain range in a while) in the Californian side.

Don’t worry, these trees won’t eat you. They are amazing to look at it and you can keep playing under them for days if you’d like. I had fun jumping here and there, taking a trek around the forest trail and also clicking pictures with these trees and the mountain range. The photos are gorgeous!

Not to forget, I had come across a waterfall with fresh water to take bath in! Also, I had spotted a few animals & birds (they were so cute!). But, you need good jogging shoes & I had chosen PUMA to actually explore around w/o getting tired.

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Explore Yosemite!

Rolling on a piece of Fallen Timber!
Steady to Trek Down the Trail!
sequoia tree
OMG!! Just look at the massive sequoia!
Still, Shocked??

Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

Presenting the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range (with Half Dome behind)
That’s me Sitting & Gazing at the Mountains!

Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is famous in this region & the face of Yosemite National Park. There have been visitors (major climbers) who have done expeditions to climb up these tall peaks! Especially the Half-Dome mountain (the one you can see at a distance). Climbing looks easy but it is tough! It takes days to reach the top! I have heard a lot of stories of various climbers who have succeeded and some failed as well (but they keep trying until they succeed). You can hike on a meadow of flowers and tall grass. Even kayak! Just imagine! Check out the cool photos that I had taken! Will blow your mind! Also, I loved the NASA T-shirt that I am wearing?? I had got it from the California Science Center that I visited. It was a fun buy! But, you can actually buy of similar kind and many other fun t-shirts with good captions at the Tee Shop. You can have your own customized tee shirt and buy it from the Tee Shop directly. I got mine. I loved it! Click on ‘Tee Shop’ and will direct you to the Online shop for Tshirts i.e http://teeshop.in Pick and add to the cart for checkout!

Lookout in the meadows!!
Smile & Look at the Cam!

More Sights to See!

The Sequoia Water Falls @ Yosemite!

Say Cheeze!
The Falls!

Wildlife & Nature

Spot Me!
The Radiant Deer!
Guess the Bird??

California Trip ends

Seattle, WA trip commences!

I had a very nice time in Yosemite National Park cosing up with the Sierra Nevada Mountains & the Sequoia Trees (Gigantic truly! Still cannot get over them after 2 years!) My Trip ends here for California! Next, we fly to Seattle @ Washington State of USA! Bye, Bye California!

Bye Bye … Off to Seattle! (Further North)

It was a super energizing trip, especially when you are awing at the tarmac! How to travel light? Get all the scoop from me in my previous blog posts!

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