Did aliens visit Earth?

Did aliens visit Earth?

Did aliens actually visit earth or is it all a hoax? Or is it considered to be classified information – top secret by the global governments/militaries? Well, I believe they did visit Earth in the past and are continuing to do so since the existence of mankind. I came across a vivid theory claiming that aliens are keeping an eye on us earthlings and our nukes! They might worry that we may engage in heavy nuclear wars and this may endanger the existence of Earth as a planet.

Will we know alien life when we see it? | Science News for Students

Our planet is unique of the kind, as to known to us humans. There may be life in other galaxies millions of light-years away, but we didn’t have any contact from any UFOs as such to confirm their identities. We don’t even know if there were life on other planets (barring Mars and one other that I can’t really recall). Have you not been curious ever before? Come on y’all! It’s the UFOs! The aliens! What better things can there be other than the extra-terrestrials? The topic is debatable.

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I know you are holding to the edge of your seats to know any evidence of the alien spaceships or any sightings. To be honest, I am always excited to know of such phenomena. I have read multiple articles of numerous sightings, most prominently over the US, Canada & South East Asia (and even India). Let’s explore some of them. Before we go for an entourage, let’s speak about Area 51, which is off-limits to the general public and accessed by only authorized personnel (who are these people?).

What is Area 51?

Area 51: Aliens visit earth

Area 51 is a military desert base for testing operations. But is there a sign of any alien wreckage? Why this secrecy? Area 51 is a famous topic for “UFO Hunters”. I wish I can explore this area for any signs of UFOs (But, I wish!). As per few sources on the net, Area 51 has an underground establishment that holds an alien spaceship and/or possible aliens in capture for studies. It’s hidden under plain sight (just like in the movies). The military base may be using it for alien research. Even so, why hide it from us?

UFO Sightings on Earth

Difficult to explain': Pentagon to release report detailing UFO sightings

Let’s get to the exciting bit! UFO Sightings with one and only Naina Singh Chauhan, your host and dost (Friend in the English language). Let’s ponder upon the places that UFOs have been sighted by people. Any guesses? Have you had an encounter yourself? Would love to know! In the meantime, let us explore the latest sightings, as per some people who have witnessed them. Click on the below links to know more and check the video on these pages!

San Diego, USA on July 15, 2019

Argentina on February 28, 2021

Canada (1980-Present)

Edmonton, Canada on Dec 2019

India in 2018

Europe in the past few years

Europe in the past few years part 2

Top 10 UFO Sightings

Also, check out CNN Business‘s latest report on UFO Sightings by the US Military! NASA is really getting serious about the identification of UFOs and their investigations! Even check out what NASA Chief has to say about spotting UFOs. Just new evidence came to light and it baffled me. Are you ready to watch what UFOs, who have been evolved from us, have to say? They have time-traveled from a future time to their past, i.e. our current time. Check 24News.

Also, you have to believe what this General has spoken about having witnessed an actual 4ft alien! To my surprise, I have found this article that enlightens about a scientist having met angelic/spiritual aliens. However, the most baffling story I have read so far is about a Seargent’s encounter with Aliens. Are we being stalked? Check out this Youtube Video about the reality of UFOs! Also, read what the Pentagon has to say!