Travel Poems in Quarantine

I am sure you must have read the first article that I released on Travel Poetry. Oh, you haven’t? Don’t worry. You can still read them! They have not vanished. Why not read my travel poems in quarantine? We experienced all three phases of covid-19. Are you ready for Phase 4? Well, in the meantime, read the poems and feel refreshed 🙂


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Travel Poems From Your Heart

Source: Dreamstime

Travel where your heart takes you,
Even more special, if it’s with your boo,
Dream of peace and adventure,
We know you are more than a backbencher.

Beaches, Hills and the City

Source: US News Travel

The Beaches, the hills, and the city,
Take a deep breath and exhale without pity.
Martinis, Vodkas and Mojitos,
Have them all with salsa and cornitos.

Capture Moments with Cam

Source: Just Travelous

Capture each moment with your cam,
Make sure to take a photo with your fam,
Each day is a new beginning,
Yet, it is time for our daily dose of swimming.

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