Fashionable Prague

Prague – A fashionable city?

Ready, set, go! Off we go to check out the skyline of Prague! Are you visiting Fashionable Prague? Also, the Czech is fashionable and I have learned a lot from them concerning fashion!

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Prague Castle

prague castle
castle in czech republic
The Prague Castle Skyline & the Vltava River
Photo Courtesy: @nainachauhan

Spectacular view right? Simply eye-blazing sight! It is of the Prague Castle that stood strong during the early bohemia age with kings and queens and even chariots! I stood to see this for an hour! By the way, I have taken photos! A photographer and I did know it! Hilarious!

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The Charles Bridge

Below, you shall find the main Prague Bridge, known as the “CHARLES BRIDGE”! Charles Bridge was originally a passage, in the 15-17th Century, that linked the main town of Prague from the Castle Walls! Chariots and Noblemen/Knights used to pass through the bridge to venture into other kingdoms for conquest. Now, it is just a popular tourist site. In fact, one of the most photographic places of interest in the Czech Republic.

charles bridge prague
Charles Bridge Captured from the top of a Tower
Photo Courtesy: @nainachauhan

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Czech Coffee

You must cherish Czech Coffee for sure! Its taste is much superior to Indian Coffee or any other Global Coffee Beans. Well, try to drink coffee in one of the local cafe restaurants, if you can. I would highly oblige. Otherwise, you have Starbucks! Starbucks coffee is amazing as well! Coffee + Waffles are a killer snack combo!

Czech Coffee Prague
Fashionable Prague
Exquisite Cold Coffee at Cafe in Prague Main Old Town Square
Photo Courtesy: @nainachauhan

Czech Cuisine

You can indulge in the local cuisine in every restaurant possible. It’s relishing and delicious! Do check below! This delicious dish was amazing! It was something new that I had tried along with the Italian Pasta! The dish is served in a Bread Bowl with soup ingredients along with vegetables.

local czech cuisine
bread bowl food
pasta in prague
Bread Soup Bowl with Mashed Potatoes & Veggies & Spaghetti
Photo Courtesy: @nainachauhan

Indian Food in Prague

If by chance, you are ever hungry and crave Authentic Indian Food, please visit “Bombay Express” (Image Below) in “Chodov Mall”. You can take the Red Line to “Chodov Mall” from Florenc Bus Station (just a few steps from Hilton Prague Hotel). Such an Indian restaurant had saved me whenever I wanted to eat Indian Food.

indian food prague
bombay express prague
Bombay Express Indian Restuarant in Chodov Mall, Prague
Photo Courtesy: @nainachauhan

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