How to select campaigns

How to select campaigns

Campaigns are not everyone’s cup of tea. Those who are strong-willed and confident set sail to undertake campaigns and execute them perfectly as per requirements. “How to select the best influencer campaign”, did I hear someone say? Hear it from an influencer herself. Aye! I will give you my finest tips and hacks on securing a good campaign, even before it is out on the market. I mentioned all such strategies in my article–‘How to select campaigns. I will speak about which campaigns to collaborate with, how to deal with a campaign manager, how to maintain relations with the advertising media manager, and how to negotiate for higher campaign commercials. Also, I will enlighten you on all the perks of being an influencer. I will share some secrets about why villain influencers are a negative force in the influencer industry. 

What is it to be an influencer

Let us take a pause and study the word ‘influencer’. What do you see? Anyone? Cannot recognize? Let me clear it for you. The word ‘influencer’ is derived from ‘influence’. Influence is necessary for a blogger to turn into an influencer. Not all bloggers are influencers. An influence over someone or something requires the power or the absolute focus from one individual to another. If you have such power, then you are an influencer. You need to know your audience well and be confident of their patterns and behavior. You need to be confident of how your audience reacts to several posts you post. Do they direct message you or converse in comments? Do they ask you for your advice and guidance?

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If people follow you and your announcements or any vital information or a promotional message and take it seriously resulting in an action (sharing of the message/post/link, consideration of the message as website link clicks/visits, or even a purchase, and spreading it limitlessly to others to inform of the same message to alert others), then you are an influencer. The particular message in question must attract high engagement as content interactions (like, comment, save, share) within the media channel (let’s say Instagram), and outside of it (let’s say WhatsApp).

Sometimes, bloggers misjudge themselves as influencers. Just having an Instagram account with over 5000 or even 10000-100000 followers does not make you an influencer. Ask yourself multiple times: do you have the power needed to influence others? Do people take you seriously related to a topic of interest? Are several questions on the same topic asked? Do people appreciate your message posts on social media or on their websites and tell you it’s informational? If not, then why do you even bother to call yourself an influencer. Don’t confuse it with pride. Pride never makes you an influencer. Power does!

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How to select the best influencer campaign

How to select the best influencer campaign? It’s not rocket science. It is purely a play of the mind and smart strategic thinking. There are billions of influencer campaigns prevailing in the market. As per my experience and my addition in several WhatsApp and telegram groups, 100 campaigns are being sent out to apply per second. Woah! That’s a huge metric! It’s true! I keep watching the social media space ringing with campaigns. There are campaigns with low payouts and some with over-the-top payouts (some not even workable but still such campaigns are rolled out).

how to select the best influener campaign

How to spot the genuine ones, and as a high percentage of them, turn out to be frauds. We know those campaigns that do not shell out payout over the course of the campaign lifetime as frauds. all people want to just collect a database of consumers or people have nothing to do. Even youngsters below the adult age are providing campaigns with little prior experience. This is absurd! I have seen many deals with campaigns and do not know how to manage them well and block the influencers if we pressurize them with multiple direct messages for updates.

How to select the best influencer campaigns?

  • Look for campaigns that have trusted managers (You can very well trust me, as part of Optimise Media India).
  • Indulge in campaigns after speaking to others about the feedback of the campaign and the campaign manager in the market.
  • Be a part of a campaign that shares the invites with proper and clear English. Don’t believe in campaigns that have broken or incorrect English in the forms shared.
  • First rule of communication: Get your communication right and present it like a professional.
  • Do campaigns which present itself as a challenge and that invite out-of-the-box creative content. After all, you are an influencer that is known for original creative, engaging content, right? Or are you related with boring content?
  • Campaigns that have your content as a benchmark and not copy others by asking for reference videos.
  • If you’re powerful enough, then go for higher payouts and not bank upon petty ones – you will lose respect and credibility as an individual and an influencer.
  • Campaigns that have nice managers who have maintained good friendly ties.

So, what is your hack in how to select campaigns?

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How to maintain good relations with Campaign Managers

What is the relationship between a campaign manager, you, and the campaign? It’s a tribrid of a successful campaign eco-system. How to make friendly relations? First, an influencer must not quarrel without reason with the manager. This will put you in a red zone where you can be blacklisted by the manager and inadvertently cost you your campaigns from several brands if I associate the media house with an umbrella of brand campaigns. Why will you want to risk your social media presence over a catfight?

Your goal should be to speak politely and nicely with the respective campaign manager. Even if the payouts for a campaign are delayed, you should be patient enough to wait it out, instead of spreading the fire everywhere. Your efforts will backfire. You just need to have faith. Sometimes the pay is given after 5-10 months (in extreme cases), but majorly within 30-90 days and can extend up to 180 days. Each campaign manager tries his or her best to release the influencer’s pay as quickly as possible. They are humans after all, and not robots. Even the POC at the advertiser/brand’s end is a human. They tie us to each other in a professional bond, and if you add fire to such bond, it can even go against you.

How to negotiate with a higher payout

Well, I will leave this for you to figure out from my previous explanations. How will you negotiate higher payouts with your respective managers? Well, this is when if the brand allows for the same. If it’s within the scope, then there are chances for the higher payout to be requested, or vice versa. This topic is for you all to figure out. I should keep some tips a secret. One secret I shall let you in is to focus on original and entertaining content. Without such content, you cannot demand a higher payout. With superb content strategies and techniques, you sure can command an excellent payout for each campaign you wish to deal with.

Who is a villain influencer

You have come to the best part of this article. You were waiting to know who is a villain influenced and what are the perks? Like in every film or even a character novelist story, there always is a villain. Similarly, in every professional landscape, there are always villains that can be problematic for the concerned industry. They are like Trojan viruses that can corrupt your mind, soul and your business. The only solution is to deal with them accordingly: Ctrl + Alt + Del from your business system.

villain influencer

A villain influencer is:

  • Who poisons one influenced against each other?
  • Who poisons one manager against an influencer and vice versa
  • Influencer who spreads derogatory remarks in several influencer groups
  • The one who curses and abuses with everyone, including the campaign managers.
  • Influencer who doesn’t have any patience and orders the manager(s) for their pay even if its communicated that the pay will happen in time (this one is an absolute killer–have dealt with some and showed them the path to being a good influencer)
  • Who thinks that their profile is superior to others and cribs when they don’t receive campaigns and curses the other person who is actually capable of executing the campaign.
  • The one who talks back to their elders.

Now you know all the tips and tricks of how to select campaigns. How to select a great influencer campaign only depends on you. How to select campaigns with zero damage has been highlighted well enough in the earlier paragraphs.