What to do with my food cravings

food cravings

What to do with my food cravings?

What to do with my food cravings? Well, I am talking about your cravings. I am like you only, crave certain foods when the crave hormone kicks in. What do I love to eat? Those who know me well may know, but for those who don’t me at all, they are in for a treat. The treat are the food choices that I admire. What are they? I won’t tell you mine. You should know me better enough to know my cravings. Best way to deal with your cravings is to not hold them back at any cost. If you do, they will revolt and you will put on unnecessary weight.

Reasons to satisfy your food cravings are:

To Avoid Gaining Weight: The more you stop your cravings, the more your thoughts will scatter all over the place. This will create a rift in the hormone system signalling the brain to feel a lot hungrier than usual and make you put excessive weight. You don’t want that do you?

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To Avoid Being Irritated: The more you hold back your cravings, the more you will be irritated. Trust me, this is tried and tested with me. You will become restless until you satisfy your cravings.

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To Avoid having any critical Illness: Indigestion and gastric issues are related to not fulfilling your cravings. Like I mentioned in my first point “to avoid gaining weight”, you will end up eating unnecessary food choices and put on unsaturated fat which you will not want to endure within. This fat can relate to many critical illnesses such as thyroid, gastroenteritis, food poisoning (I consider this a critical illness – it’s an eww condition), and much more!

To conclude, I would suggest you indulge your cravings once and for all. A bite of chocolate or even a bowl of ice cream wouldn’t harm – will it?

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