What to do in Himachal

What to do in Himachal?

What to do? Here are uncountable things to do. Keep reading and you will know what exactly to do. Fun things only!

Mountains are calling!

You can do a lot of activities in Himachal. The beautiful valleys of Kangra, Tosh, Malana & Kheergana, and even Kasol make it possible. Are you up for a trek, or even skydiving? You can even go for long drives up the steep slopes! Challenging right? I bet ya! But, equally fun! You will enjoy every bit with the clouds at knee length! You can call that fog, or not? I always thought that the fog always resulted from clouds in the foothills. I am always up for a mountainous dare. Are you? Then the next piece of information is for you!

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How to visit?

The majestic Himachali Tree

This is a good question. It depends from which points you are entering – from J&K, from Haryana, from Uttarakhand, from Delhi (well you need to go via Haryana for that). From Delhi, you can go via the Signature Bridge from Ghaziabad’s side as it’s a much faster route these days keeping all blockages in check. You will love the Eastern Peripheral Way (EPW) NE-2. The greenery on both sides is astounding! It looks like you have entered a foreign highway area. Then head towards Sonipat Panipat and then onwards to the Ambala Border District and straight for the mountains via Nahan. Or go via Punjab to Una and then tvo Palampur. Another way is to reach Himachal via the Chandigarh-Kalka corridor! Now you don’t even need any Antibodies test nor an E-pass. But, it’s best to vaccinated before you undertake any journey.

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What are the places to see in Himachal Pradesh?

The Himalayan Rose

I shall give you some places in Himachal that you would love to visit:

  1. Nahan (my second hometown)
  2. Paonta Sahib (holy place of Guru Gobind Singh Ji) – you can also head to Dehradun and Musoorie from here.
  3. Kasauli (place where a lot of Langoors are and the mountain where Lord Hanuman stepped on on the way to get herbs for Laxman Ji, as mentioned in the Ramayana)
  4. Kasol (the popular place for herbal weed supply)
  5. Bir Billing/Malana (where you can do paragliding and do other such sport activities + trek)
  6. Shimla – the shopping & food destination of Himachal

Any other places in Himachal do you know of? Please let me know! I shall also visit!

What is Himachal famous for?

The Mango in the Himalayan Orchard

Its people, its tradition, its fields, its organic fruits such as apples and mangoes, its towns, its lakes, its coniferous trees, its food & much more! Aren’t you excited to experience all these Himachali perks? It’s best to try it out rather than count on me.

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