What is the best car insurance?

What is the best car insurance?

by Rohit Gulati

Every car ownership requires insurance attached to it. Without it, it is not worth driving around town. God forbid if something happens, then you only will be reliable for your actions. However, you can have the security that you and your family are protected financially, from car accidents or damages. You are not left penniless. So, how do you proceed?

best car insurance
Scenarios where Car Insurance will help!

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You can follow the below five steps yourself:

  1. Select the correct cover according to your need (Comprehensive/Third Party).
  2. Compare among different insurance providers.
  3. Check your IDV carefully.
  4. Add important riders – Zero Depth, Return to Invoice, Engine Protection, etc.
  5. Check the claim process

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Not bad, is it? You can research more about the terms mentioned above from any search engine you can think of. Better do it yourself, ‘coz it’s your investment. The more you know, the better you will invest. If someone else will tell you everything, you won’t have the zeal to learn and enquire deeply about your long-term finances. I am here to guide you in each step. Btw, you can also check: How does Car Insurance work in India.