Visit Czech Republic

Visit Czech Republic

Apart from Prague, the Czech Republic has other attractive places to offer for travel & sight-see. It will amaze you at the city views and the colorful images that your eyes witness! What are other cities that I have been to other than Prague? They are (1) Karlovy-Vary, a Few Kms off the German border (2) Brno, an intellectual city with the famous Brno University (3) Ostrava, a Few Kms off the Austrian Border. You must visit these three cities for sure! Visit the Czech Republic for sure!

Fashion in Czech Republic

What am I wearing? Peplum Top from Forever 21 & Denim Shorts from Aeropostale! Clearly visible in the Photos of KARLOVY-VARY!

Oshawa Music Festival

Have you been to Oshawa as well? Well, it’s near the Austrian-German border. There is a drink and music festival that happens each year. I had the opportunity in 2019 with Jack Daniel’s sponsoring the event. What should I say to you? CHEERS!

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