Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

We celebrate Oct 31 each year as “Halloween” Day (we do Best celebrations on the night of Oct 31st!)! Spooky, I should say, right? Are you feeling the chills? I certainly am! Wait for 3 AM & you shall feel the lost souls calling out to you! I certainly feel happy when Halloween falls upon us. I sit at home & binge on Halloween-themed movies on Netflix; though have been doing the same since childhood! Food, drinks & Netflix ~ what a life these days, during the covid-19 pandemic era. 2020, you certainly are a scare itself! Halloween is not even close to being scarier than you! Oh well, Happy Halloween! Meanwhile, let’s be poetically scary?

The Evils & the Halloween Fright

Face Your Fears! Halloween is coming to La Jolla! - La Jolla Light
Halloween Fright!
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Fierce evils flying in the night,

Giving many residents a fright,

What’s so special about malice?

Since we all don’t live in a haunted palace.

Ghosts, creepy crawlies & demons,

The holy priest does not take unholy sermons,

We are strong enough to be normal,

The wicked will not be any formal.

Scared to the wits, are you?

Looking behind, a white shadow just said, boo!!

My o My, how crazy you sound?

Why don’t we both call the death hounds!

The spirit of Halloween is pious,

Let’s welcome the guests of the other world without a fuss,

Carved pumpkins & skeletons placed in the driveway,

Wish you a “Happy Halloween” as they all say!

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Happy Halloween Carved Pumpkins
Photo Source: Good Housekeeping!

Now, are you ready to face your fears and get choked on the shivering words? Ready or not, here the words come! How was the above poem for you? A starter? Worry not, the real deal is just below! Read on! Compare it to the earlier poem? Which one you’d like?

The Death of your Soul

The death of email marketing
R.I.P Life
Source: Marketing Land

Grins in the night, ready to take your life,

Lurking out of sight, a feeling of fright,

Arose from the dark, monsters with canines of sharks,

The dog’s bark, showing wicked in the park,

Filled with blood from the bottom to the top.

Evil spirits ready to make your soul drop,

And let their wickedness on your head hop

I felt a shiver, leaving your body in shock.

Nothing can stop in this land of pain,

The sane not knowing they were part of the game,

While the insides change, the box stays the same,

And the figure inside can bear anybody’s name.

I left nothing normal to fathom,

The hell is nearest to the bottom,

“This is Halloween night” the crazy guy cries,

This is the sinner’s night, No hope, no light,

Don’t fight, the dead have no might,

Let’s disguise with costumes and remain unseen,

By the dead and make this a happy Halloween.