Delhi’s Cold and Diwali Vibes

Delhi's cold and diwali vibes

Delhi’s Cold and Diwali Vibes

Delhi set to record the longest cold day spell in December since 1997; air  quality at 'very poor'
Foggy Delhi of Winters
The Landmark of Delhi – India Gate
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It’s getting colder in India’s Captial City of New Delhi! Are you from the Delhi NCR region? How are you liking the cold? Loving it right? You are now beating the heat eh? Yet, please take Vit-D from the sun. It isn’t as hot it was before in the summers. In summers, I couldn’t stand under it for more than 2 minutes! But, now I can! Vit-D is important especially if you are working from home, as you need all the bones in your body to work and your body to move in an orderly manner. Otherwise, you would keep falling randomly all over the house and that would become a hilarious spectacle, right? I am already laughing at this scene in my head! So, Vit D everyone, before the winter rains knock on your door & move the pretty sun away! Our major and famous festival of light is near! Diwali is near! Aren’t you excited? Are you up for Delhi’s Winter & Diwali vibes?

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Hey Hey Hey! You missed reading something ~ My Poems on Delhi & Diwali! Come on! Have a read! You can spare some time for my poems, right? Play PUB-G or use Instagram later! hehe! Reading is good especially if they are fun poems and hilarious ones! I am sure you will enjoy mine!

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Delhi’s Cold & Diwali Feelings

Delhi Cold winters
Diwali’s time in the cold
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Delhi’s cold is an enigma,
All I want to be is close to my maa,
Its chills are divine,
Set your quilt right & you do will just fine!

But, wait, why are you sleeping like a log?
Don’t you see, outside you’ll find the funky fog!
Get up brute, it’s time to open the day,
Tell me, what do you have to say?

Diwali is almost knocking on our doors,
To light your roofs, willing to climb another few floors?
Come on’ Champ, winter is coming.
Tomorrow morning, let’s all do some running!