Sickness in travels

Sickness in travels

If you have read my last couple of posts, you must have come across how to maintain good hygiene and precautions in an aircraft. This article relates to how one experiences sickness during their travels, both long-haul and short ones. “Why do you want to know about this?” You may ask. “Would you want to travel sickness-free on the airplane?” I will ask you this. I am sure you must have gotten your answer by now. Right? If you want to travel with ease, please continue reading. If not, then still keep reading!

Exhaustion: This can get you worked up, even if you are not even working literally. The time from your home to the airport and then wandering in the airport towards the boarding gate post-check-in. This can be quite tiring. Exhaustion is one vice that can catch up with you quickly. Drink a lot of water and be close to a washroom always. Unless it supercharged you up, you cannot beat exhaustion. You will need to feel fresh before entering a flight and enjoying it. You can sleep on the flight to recuperate.

Stale Food: Never consume stale food, even on a flight. It will poison you and you will regret your journey. Always confirm with the steward/flight attendant of its freshness. I always do. The reason is, I have faced food poisoning several times on an aircraft. Well, maybe the mix of some food choices may have triggered it; for example, eating prawns in the white sauce right after consuming a colored beverage. Also, be mindful of the food you eat. Don’t just eat blindly and avoid on an empty stomach. Maybe, have some snacks prior to your wholesome meals.

Anxiety and tension: Are you a frequent flyer? No? Then you are in for some anxiety and tension. I am not scaring you, but putting reality in front of your eyes. Even if you are not a frequent traveler on airlines, then don’t worry. Don’t be tense. Just have a deep breath and pray that everything goes well. You will have an excellent take-off and landing from your departure and landing destinations, respectively.

Poor Sanitation Measures: Washrooms in the flight can be with a foul odor and infected (I had mentioned this also in Travel Mistakes to Avoid). If your nose is blocked, then you won’t have any issues. Jokes apart, you must carry a mini room freshener and a sanitizer. Spray the whole cubicle with the freshener and sanitize your hands. Also, hope that the airplane has enough toilet roll stock. It is a savior of cleanliness. Make sure you dispose of them in a separate trash bin in the washroom itself.

Lack of Exercise: If you are aware of the above sources of being sick, then you can prepare in advance to have a happy and worthwhile journey. You can enjoy your music with your Bluetooth headphones or earbuds, sleep peacefully with the blinds down, watch fine movies on the entertainment system provided in-flight, and sanitize throughout the flight. All such experiences can result from following suit.

Now that you have learned how to not be sick on a flight, are you ready to fly and head to your dream destinations? Of course, we are!