Los Angeles Major Attractions

Other Major Attractions of Los Angeles!!

Los Angeles major attractions
Sun Bathing! @ Rodeo Drive Area!

There are other major attractions in Los Angeles that you can cover during your visit. Keep atleast a week for Los Angeles (I only had 2 and half days!!). You can visit the Griffith Observatory (bit further away from the Hollywood Sign), Rodeo Drive (Fashion Hub with Brand Stores) & the very popular celebrity neighborhood of Beverly Hills!! Look below, you can see me standing around each branded shop possible & in the park area of the Griffith Observatory (direct opposite the Hollywood Sign!)

Rodeo Drive ~ A Shopping Paradise in Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive Los Angeles
Standing at Rodeo Drive!

Rodeo Drive is the lane that invites shoppers to spend heavily at exciting & luxurious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Dior, and many others! Also, you have great coffee shops such as green bean cafe (the one I visited to get a cooler!). I took lots of pictures to remember this district! I even saw a supercar! Try to guess which one it is? Btw, I am wearing Shorts by #Aeropostale, Crop Tee by #Westside & Goggles by #Forever 21 and the Hat from Croatia!

Ride for Today? Ha haha! Spotted a supercar!!
Can you see DIOR?
Salvatore Ferragamo Shop!
Dolce & Gabana Store!

Where else to visit? The California Science Center, Los Angeles

Rise & Shine in the LA Wonderland!
Prada, Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles
Vroom Vroom @ Rodeo Drive!

The Griffith Observatory

The entrance of the Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is like an open beacon to space gazing. It has a telescope via which you can spot the evening or early morning planets like Venus, Saturn, Mars & Jupiter. Neptune maybe during 7 PM timing. Infact, you can even see t he moon up close! How cool right? Do you admire and love intersteller objects or space discussions? It is a few kilometers trek uphill to this place. I had taken a taxi but you can even walk if you are fitness freak.

Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles
View from Griffith Observatory & Hollywood Sign in the Background
The Griffith Observatory in the Background with ViewScopes!
Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles
Can see the Los Angeles Downtown Skyline in the far-middle
Beautiful Capture!
Say Cheeze & Trek!

Welcome to Beverly Hills!

Welcome to Beverly Hills Residency!

Beverly Hills is the home to many Hollywood Celebrities & Pop Stars! The homes are very lavish, surrounded by huge Palm Trees! Their residential estates stretch to many acres of land! If you have time, you can take a bus tour to check out their homes from the outside! Pretty cool right?

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
Me in front of the Sign!
The Palm Groves Along Beverly Hills!
That’s me! Ha ha ha!