San Francisco Travels California

Welcome to SAN FRANCISCO! The North of California!

San Francisco is a travel hub for majority of tourists! It lies in the northern peninsula of California – quite colder than the city of Los Angeles which is a part of Southern California. Let’s show you around from my experiences as a traveler! Welcome to my version of San Francisco Travels in California!

San Francisco Skyline (Photo Taken from the Golden Gate Bridge @ Sausalito)
San Francisco Peninsula!

Welcome to San Francisco Bay Area! It is up north of Los Angeles, north of the California State. It’s more scenic if you drive up the coastline from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Yet, I took a plane to save time and explore the city a little bit more as I had only 2 days only! Enjoy the Aerial View of San Francisco before we head up to its major attractions including the Golden Gate Bridge!!

Glimpses of San Francisco from the Plane!


The Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular attaction of this city! It connects the San Francisco Peninsula to the Saucilito Island. It is one of the wonder of the worlds, atleast for me. The temperature is quite chilly and you need a light jacket or a sweatshirt. The wind chills comes from the sea beneath the bridge. Driving on the bridge is quite cool! You should visit the city!

Standing high above & in the same frame as the bridge! Haha!
A boat behind!
The Golden Gate Bridge Up Close!

Let’s have a closer look at the San Francisco Downtown! Travel with me!

Trams !!

Towards the Pier(s), off we go!

The Yacht Yard @ San Francisco Pier!
Passengers onboard to Alcatraz Prison Island!
The Horizon with birds in the background!
Look at the Seagull, who we spotted?
Hard Rock Cafe @ San Franciso Pier!


Lombard Street (Zig-Zag) between the houses on a mountain!
Image Taken from

Lombard Street is actually a Zig Zag Road constructed between the houses on a mountain. It was constructed to manage the roadways better, as the area is very steep! Many visitors enjoy the cars zig zag down the Lombard Street. It is a sight, that requires careful maneuvering!

The Zig Zag Road of San Francisco! ~ LOMBARD STREET
Still Zig Zag-ing!
Going Zig Zag!

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