Home Theaters under 1 lakh

Home Theaters under 1 Lakh

Isn’t it wonderful if we can own or built a home theater? This is a dream for audio and theater fanatics! But, how do you even build one? Is it highly expensive? Will the sound be of good quality? I have the answers in this blog post for you! You can get home theaters under 1 Lakh! It is true! Check out the offerings of The Sound Factor. I sometimes wonder to have a home theater myself, but sadly my house isn’t big enough to fit one. Maybe I can construct a seperate room similar to an auditorium on the terrace roof? What say? Oh, How I just wish!

The Sound Factor

But, you don’t worry! I am sure you have large houses to fit your home theaters! Or, you can make some space for it! I bet you love films and tv/web series as much as I do! Don’t you? Let me show you around!

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Types of Home Theater Systems

Elac Cinema 5 and Denon AVR-X250BT Combo

Let’s speak of its features and benefits, shall we? Please note! 🙂

  • Dynamic sound: Using high quality Elac drive units, the satellite speakers deliver a clear and dynamic sound that you’d expect. These are the Elac Speakers. The two-way speaker design indicates that all vocals can be heard properly and music just right. I would use the word ‘rocking’ here. The speakers are just 11 cm tall. They can fit anywhere.
  • Powerful bass: The bass feel is just like the feel of you sitting in a cinema. The seperate subwoofer with the Elac Cinema 5.1 is a cherry on the cake! The sound is perfect without you being overwhelmed or hazed, with the Elac Cinema 5.1. You can mount the satellite speakers on anything flat e.g. bookcase surfaces, flat table or anything concrete. If you chose to mount the home theater system, then the wall mounting brackets are also supplied.
  • Enhanced Control: After connecting the subwoofer to your receiver, you can tune the crossover bass frequency knob as per your liking. There is not a hard and fast rule. You can also adjust the phase between 0 and 180° to help prevent unwanted acoustic interference with the woofers in the other speakers. Standby mode allows you to leave it powered up constantly, so you won’t need to manually turn it on to use it.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Satellite Speakers (Front, Center & Surround), Speaker Type: 2-way sealed box, Tweeter: 1 x ½-inch Neodymium Magnet, Woofer: Front & Surround: 1 x 3-inch Polypropylene; Center: 2 x 3-inch Polypropylene, Frequency Response: 160 to 20,000 Hz, Nominal Impedance: 8 Ω, Power Handling: 80 Watts

Are you satisfied with this home theater system? I don’t know about you, but I am pumped!

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