Humble Poetry to Soothe Your Soul

poetry to soothe the soul
naina singh chauhan

Humble Poetry to Soothe Your Soul

Hello Friends!! In this poetry column, I have invited one of my good friends, Ankit Sinha, to showcase his poetry talent in the world! He is an amazing poet; I didn’t know until I read his poems! They are wonderful! He really knows the combination of words & emotions! They will definitely make you smile! So, how about a read at some Humble Poetry to soothe your deal soul?

Favorite Girl this Summer

Ankit’s Drawing of his Favorite Girl
Source: Ankit
Artist: Ankit

This is the story of my favorite girl this summer,
There’s a lot about her that I’m yet to discover.
This is the story of her love that has torn her apart,
The one whom she loved, has broken her heart.

Once upon a time, we use to live and laugh together,
I can see the agony in her eyes and I want to share her tears.
She was broken long before I could even realize.
I’m writing her story of unpleasant truth over comfortable lies,

She must have shared so much together,
A relationship of love, laughter, and tears.
I have been through this, I know how she feels,
She must walk away and allow her heart to heal.

It’s hard to walk away from the one you thought was yours,
But that pain is just the sign that she is ready to grow.
And someday soon on a quiet summer day,
She will realize that her life is better this way.

The Smiling Queen

The Smiling Girl by Ankit
Source: Ankit
Artist: Ankit

I knew a smiling queen once upon a time,
One day something happened and she lost her Shine.
We used to talk and laugh all night, sitting side by side,
Now, every time I try to make her smile, She goes to hide.

I know sometimes she still cries to sleep at night,
I hope someday we will hug, and she will be alright.
Every day, she wakes up and fights with her pain,
It’s the night when she becomes lonely again.

I can imagine her sitting on her doorstep with cool wind on her face,
At this moment she is away from all in her own hiding place.
Looking at the moon in the sky behind the tree,
I feel like she is sitting right in front of me.

I don’t know if I Love her, or she is just a special friend,
I just remember the last time I said goodbye and held her hand.
In my heart, I know she will become Smiling Queen again,
Some lessons in life are better learned through pain.

You are a dancing queen & stuck in quarantine,
Nothing new to do must be bored in your room,
Or probability you’re doing video conferencing using the zoom,
All you can do is eat every hour of the day,
You should plug in your charger near the refrigerator and stay.

The whole day you are lying on your couch watching television,
You placed your sofa at equidistant from TV and kitchen,
You just need something to munch it, no longer for nutrition,
Nothing should be far so that you don’t have to change your position.

From nowhere, dad walks by and randomly starts giving you life lessons,
While you are struggling to control your aggression,
Just like a flashback, you remember all your bad decision,
And you thought your parents will not judge you now or make a comparison,