Your brain is a born procrastinator

Your brain is a born procrastinator

by Edward Newgate

How is your brain doing? Ever thought in detail about it? Is it a born procrastinator? Or are you? Well, there is a difference in both thoughts.

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Day by day we appreciate our brain when we come up with a great idea right? We go like “wow I can think of all that, my brain must be smart”.You might not trust your parents when they tell you that the paint is wet but you always trust it when it tells you to eat something spicy and you end up cursing your tongue the next day in the toilet. 

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Oh, Brain, I trust you the most. You are the best. All the organs you control even in sleep are miraculous. How do you even do that? You make me see with these eyes, taste with this young. You can never lie to me right!
Wrong! What your eyes see is a lie, what your ears listen is a lie, what your tongue taste is a lie. Lies! Lies! Lies! Everything is a lie. Don’t kill yourself just yet. Hear the whole story. Put that knife down!

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The reality is that your sense doesn’t make sense when they face something they are unable to process. Pretty senseless right? So they make illusions to your conscious brain. It is done also to protect you. Because some processes can cause epileptic shock, hypnosis, and even worse, disturb your heart rhythm. An analogous example is yourself when you lie on your resume about your abilities so that you can get that job and prevent yourself from dying of starvation or become Hitler. You do that to help yourself while some want that PS5 really bad. 

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So your brain also does that trick to the employer(you) and sometimes it just doesn’t want to work cause it thinks you are stupid and shows you things that aren’t real. I mean who thinks that their bosses are stupid, no? 
Your brain is lazy to show you the reality. Let me give you examples, like When you are watching the wheels of a car you can’t process it so your brain makes it look slow, or when you see a green-colored sandwich and you think that it would taste bad or when you are holding ice and it feels warm after some time or something like a burning sensation.

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If you are still not satisfied then do a minor experiment, all you need is you and your mirror. Alright now go close to the near (about 20cm). Now look at your left eye with both of your eyes then look at your right eye with both eyes. Repeat this step several times with speed and you will see your forehead. Crazy right! While your eyes are moving, you will only see your stationary forehead.

When you are done with that experiment you can pick up that knife. 

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