Comic Strip Ideas

Comic Strip ideas
Naina Singh Chauhan

Comic Strip Ideas

What are comic strips? What are some of the amazing ideas that a comic strip should have? Anyone? These can mimic our daily lives, the Covid pandemic, politics, brand promotions and even happenings in the Business, Advertising & the Marketing world. Satirical comic strips are hilarious, and we all relate with them.

I remember, as a kid, used to read all the comic strips that were published in the second page of the Delhi Times or HT Times. They are super knowledge crunches, which you can devour early in the morning. What are some ideas that you would want to include in these comic strips for everyone to read and laugh about it. You can share it with your peers and loved ones. I have many ideas, but shhh, they are a secret. Ha ha!

Comic Strip Meaning

Comic strips are short rectangular patches of visual comedy in relation to a particular topic. They mean no harm. The comic strips are the epitome of presenting ideas in different, hilarious ways. After all, we as readers do not want to read boring and monotones stuff, do we?

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Kahoonica Comic Strip by Don Mathias

We want the fun element always in our readings. Imagine yourself reading a newspaper with only business and sports news. How boring?! Hence, comic strips go beyond this and always try to create a smile on the readers’ face. Some examples of good comic strips are Dilbert, Archies, Garfield, Dennis the Menace, Doonesbury, Heathcliff, Blondie, Arctic Circle, Beetle Bailey and many more! Check them out at Free Comic Strips. I am already addicted!

Comic Strips Examples

I will now show you some hilarious examples that we can relate to. You will fall of your bed laughing! Both from a business (advertising/marketing/communication) or from a personality/lifestyle point of you, these comic strips bring the best in you!

Comic Strips for Students

Students can learn a great deal from studying the comic strips – how content is organized and strategized, how the storyboard is constructed on the crux of several ideas and how it is released to the public with great expectations of expressions. Students can create digital stories with such comic strips. Storytelling is what every student would like to do. Analyzing and enjoying a comic strip is a wonder in transitioning to the practical and the business world. Advertising, Marketing & PR revolves around content and what better content if not the comic strips?

Importance in Advertising, Marketing & PR

Please speak your mind! Comic strips are there to help you imagine the world in the creative way possible. It is now being widely used in communicating the message of a brand’s accomplishment, new launches, new feats, new ideologies, new opinions, etc. One classic example is AMUL, which has it’s utterly butterly girl supporting the brand’s message and being aligned with day to day public activities. Recently, Amul via its cartoon strip advertisement, appreciated P.V.Sindhu’s Bronze win at the Tokyo Olympics 2020! It was such a nice thing to see online! Wouldn’t you love watching such sights?

Content is the king for sure! A brand’s communication can be viral using such comic strips! It is a good marketing strategy tool in the Advertising, Marketing & PR domain. With companies heading towards increased marketing budgets with digital content, comic strips can display emotions and behavioral patterns of a consumer in diverse markets. These consumers can then relate to them on a wider scale, in comparison with the regular TVC’s or outdoor advertising. Digital content is 100% effective and memorable.