How do you travel the world

How do you travel the world?

How do you travel the world? Traveling the world ain’t difficult. You just need the passion and the adrenaline rush for you to be ready to travel the globe. From my birth till now (subtract the covid years), I have been traveling from country to country. I love exploring places. The culture and the cuisines are something waiting for. You gotta get out of your home country and explore the unexpected – out of your comfort zone. I have been speaking to many travelers and others who dream to travel but cannot do so due to some constraints.

The excited travelers never think that money will be a waste on tripping from one place to another. They, including me, consider it as experiential therapy. You have heard of retail therapy, right? So, if you use the same analogy with travel, viola! On the other hand, those who cannot travel due to many limitations such as low savings, health issues, family pressures, the anxiety of solo travel, plane fright, so on and so forth. Personally speaking, I am not a gadget freak. On the contrary, I am a free-spirited voyager who would love to cross the seven seas just like in children’s stories and cosmic mythologies.

How do you travel with a cat?

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This is a great question. I never felt better answering it here if not anywhere. In my previous travels, I had seen a cat tucked in a women’s carry-on bag and stowed in front of her seat. I thought it was something else but when it purred and meowed, I understood it was a cat. Kind of cute, don’t you think? I wanted to pet it, but it was focused only on its human parent. I had the notion that cats were kept with other animals in the luggage section in cold storage; apparently, that’s not the case. Or was I dreaming? I sure don’t think so! I had great kitty company on the 9-hour flight from Moscow, Russia to Seoul, South Korea. Mind you, this travel was done pre-covid. Would you also like to travel the world with a cat?

How do you travel with a dog?

Well, the nice question I must say. If a cat could travel with a human companion, why not a dog? Dogs are equally cute and friendly. Another passenger seated just before the cat owner had her dog tucked away in a small and portable dog house and had kept on the seat next to her (no one had reserved it, was empty anyway). Luckily, the dog didn’t bark much; just the usual whining was heard but in a fun way. All the other passengers were enjoying their flight. I sometimes was fixated on the cat and the dog from time to time. It was a long flight, I had to find something to do besides watching 2-3 films and looking outside of the window. Btw, I love window seats, the view is good from up.

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So, how do you travel the world? You travel with a kindred spirit with a smile on your face and excitement to travel the skies and experience time gaps from one time zone to the other (forward or backward). My dream is to cross the international date line that divides the day from the night!

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