Things to do in Quarantine

Things to do in Quarantine Lockdown

Bored with Lockdown? Thinking when will quarantine be over? Thinking of what things to do in the Quarantine Lockdown? Even I had the same question. But, I found a few things to do! I can do is list them down for you. Ready everyone? Let’s do this!

Play Tennis

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Confused? How can you play Tennis in quarantine? We are not allowed to move outside and sports clubs are not open. How then? Not to worry! If you have a Tennis Racket and COSCO ball, you can use the wall of your backyard or front yard as a net and a second player! I do it, and so should you!

Exercise for 10-20 minutes daily

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Exercising is important. In quarantine, we are unable to go out much or even not even go outside at all. Otherwise, you will become a couch potato. Don’t want to regret it do you? So, indulge in basic cardio and squats (! Also, do walk around the house or the rooftop for 30 mins that will cover 3 kilometers! If you circle around, it will be fun! Try it!

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Sunbath for 10-15 minutes daily

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Our body requires enough sunlight to take in Vitamin D. It is an important vitamin needed for us to survive on earth. Without this, our bones will lose their density and can cause weak bone density called ‘rickets’. You would be limping then. If you are not getting enough sunlight, then capsules must be consumed at any cost. But, I would highly recommend sunbathing (even in summer) for at least 10-15 minutes with the majority of your body bare (legs, hands, hair, etc). Trust me, you will thank me after! It will help you long-term!

Spend time with Family

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Now, you have time with you to relax and chill out. Why not chill out with your family members whom you couldn’t give time to before? Speak, laugh, discuss, and play with them. Make them feel like it’s home! They have taken care of you since childhood; now it’s your responsibility to take care of them!


Still bored? Then watch Netflix! Or Prime Video! Or other OTT platforms where you can watch some good shows to your liking. These platforms have ample shows! You won’t get bored now! Will you? New releases each day! Also, they give you a list under ‘Coming Soon! Check those out too!

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Sleep is essential, especially when your biological clock is erratic in quarantine. Since you are not going to the office, you are at home and have very different sleep times. Sometimes, you are sleeping at 1 am or 2-3 am or even 5-6 am. That is very wrong! It can hamper the complete functioning of your body! It will induce nausea, insomnia (critically true!), anxiety, and eye allergies! Increased screen time on laptops can break your sleep patterns and even change them. It will keep you wide awake! Sleep on time and wake up early as much as you can.

Reading Book(s)

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No words at all are needed for this leisure activity. Books are a man’s or a women’s favorite friend! Just look at the array of books above! What excitement to read! I am! Aren’t you? I am sure you must have a collection of books in your house, fiction & non-fiction? What is your favorite? You can also read them on Kindle with ease. I am more a hard-copy person. They are more fun to read. Agreed? Or agree to disagree?

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Paint or Draw or Dance or Write!

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It is always good to express your creativity through painting, drawing, dancing, or writing! Your thoughts are beautiful. Why not transform them? So, keep your painting colors ready, drawing pencils ready, dancing props ready, and even writing pads or laptops ready! Let’s the creative mind started! It helps relax our minds! Trust me! You will thank me later! You don’t need to be a good artist or dancer or sketches or writer to do all these things. Anyone can do them! So can you!

Start a Blog!

Writing for SEO: How to Write Blogs That Rank on Page 1 of Google
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In your free time in Quarantine, start a blog (if you are wondering to start or haven’t yet). A blog is a good way of promoting your creative ideas or even yourself! You can learn digital marketing and the most important branch – SEO! Creating a blog itself is “Digital Marketing 101”! Once the blog is up and running and gathering traction from social feeds or even organically, you can pat yourself and say, “Wow, I am a digital marketer”. It is the age of content. Content is powerful in the age of advertising and marketing, especially via Social Media and digital platforms/mechanisms!