Naina Singh Chauhan’s story

Naina Singh Chauhan’s Story

You know who I am, right? I am Naina Singh Chauhan, the owner of and a social media strategist. What is my website about? How does it benefit millions of readers? How did I start with its creation? What is my thought process? Where does content come into all of this? How did I relate to the advertising field? Most important of all, how did I adapt from a child to a teen to an adult? Be attentive and listen carefully (pun intended) to my Naina Singh Chauhan’s story! You will love it for sure!

My Time at the University of Toronto Mississauga

In my childhood years, I was a playful kid, more of a mischievous one! I loved stationery, owning a variety of notebooks, pens, pencils, and bag packs! I loved drawing and art. Wherever I traveled, I made it a point to purchase any kind of cute stationery possible. I loved studies, especially astronomy and physics. Space cannot amaze me! Did someone utter ‘aliens’? Haha! Also, how could I forget French! Recalling the phonetics, speech, grammar, and its sentence construction now! Acting in skits with French dialogues was fun! Oh, I wish to act again, but will I get a chance? I remember, in France at an F1 hotel, watching James Bond GoldenEye movie in the French language on the television.

Looking back at my memories, I was always glued to the TV Screen (back in the 2000s), and now in front of the laptop or the phone – Netflixing (is that even a word? Can they include it in the English Dictionary?), or Prime Video and others. Sadly, I hampered my eyesight by being too close to the TV screen – I missed watching the Indian drama shows and missed everything about India when I was studying in Belgium from 2002 to 2005. You can take me out of India, but not India out of me. I had hoped to install a satellite dish in the Belgian home as a result, but then I had to focus more on my studies than on watching the shows on the idiot box.

Lockers of the University of Toronto! (Psst…it’s not my locker)

Back then, I was a fanatic of Harry Potter – were the first ones to purchase the Harry Potter books from a store at the back alley of the famous City2 Mall in Brussels. I was super excited to buy and read it! After a few years, the films were released and missed out on very intricate details of the book! The characters of Dumbledore and Harry were my favorite! In my school years in the International School of Brussels, my schoolmates mocked me for being addicted to Harry Potter; but I hardly cared. I carried on with how I was. Who cares what others say, right?

You may not know this, but they (the head of the primary school along with my teachers) punished me once in my school in Belgium for skipping classes. I didn’t gel well with my international classmates, as they did not respect me. They called me an outsider. Was this stereotyping? I begged to get back to India, but then somehow I adapted!

I loved Brussels from that point on. My punishment (apologies to have cut midway) – was clearing the field track from stones. It was hilarious, now that I think of it. Though I excelled in my typing class (I had a lot of fun by turning the keys of the keyboard to your fingers), I felt like an outcast. But the typing class kept my mind at work – all the keys of the keyboard are now in my head and subconsciously typing whatever comes to my mind to express myself. It’s good to express yourself – do it & do not fear!

In the Boston Commons Frog Pond!

On my expatriation back to New Delhi, I still was a film and tv fanatic. I never left any chance to miss the Bollywood awards (now I am sick of it – it’s the same thing again and again), or even a film in the theater though it came on the TV channels. Page 3 was my favorite news page – HAHA! Upon my studies in Windsor & Toronto and my stay in Ottawa, Canada, I got to watch the IIFA Awards live in Rogers Centre in Toronto – honestly speaking, it’s so much better when it comes edited on TV! It would have been best if I had volunteered to assist backstage or even front stage, but then it wasn’t possible. I wish to if I get any chances.

From then, I decided that having studied in the Economics, Mathematics & Statistics Domain, I should pursue further studies in the Media field – most likely digital advertising. Creativity & Content never fails to amaze me. Hence, advertising was my suitable field. The best part is that I studied all this in my MBA along with Film Studies! I had fun in MBA in Amity with great friends! I miss both my Alma Meters – University of Toronto & Amity University. Uh oh, Harvard, I haven’t forgotten you even for those 2 summer months in 2012 that I stayed on your campus and enjoyed the perks of an American University student!

Me as an Influencer!

After having a good grip with content and diverse imagination mindsets, I started riding on the route of content marketing and creating my website with some help (Domain purchase + tech). This website is my baby and has always been possessive about it! Originally, it was a website to guide all kinds of travelers about the best options for reasonable and hassle-free travel as I have hopped from one country to another and experienced the respective cultures (though wishing to travel more once It’s safe to travel). I further diversified the content of the website towards photography, poems, articles, and blogging! This further motivated me to become an influencer via my Instagram Feed, Linkedin, Facebook & my website! The advertising world is changing, and you also need to adapt to their changing needs and develop strategies accordingly.

Btw, I am also a bookworm! I have many books of all genres – but I love criminal mystery books the most! I try to finish four-five books a month! There is one novel that baffled me – it is “The Gallery of the Dead” by Chris Carter (a famous American Author). The way he writes is astounding! He actually makes the deaths sound like art masterpieces! Make sure you read it!

So, what’s my story? It’s all shared above! More milestones to achieve, with the support of my friends and family! Are you intrigued?