History and attractions of Vienna

So, who knows about the Russian War Memorial in Vienna? Noone? I knew it! It is one of the main monuments in Vienna! If you are a history buff and a world war buff, you would love it!! Coming up, you will see some sights from the Riverside, including the Danube Tower of Vienna! It stands tall, just close to the Danube river. More trivial facts that I had learned in my Vienna trip ~ revealing soon!! You should read the complete article on the history and attractions of Vienna.

Trivial Fact # 1: The River is of pale green color ~ This color is natural!

Attractions of Vienna

The Danube Tower is one of the Tallest Towers of Austria. I know it as the “Tallest Landmark” in the Austrian Region! Its style is that of the 1960s! Climb up to 150 meter and check out the majestic view of Vienna & the Danube River from above! It has a panoramic view of 360 degrees!

Trivial Fact # 2: The Water, sourced for drinking locally, is natural without any contamination as water is flown from the Austrian Alps directly to the resident’s houses. They do not need any water purifiers as we Indians or anyone does.

Danube Riverside in Vienna

Even the Danube river is one of the famous European rivers flowing across 7 European cities, including Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia) & many others. It is always a delight to watch the Danube river flow with ease! Feeling great reading about the history and the attractions of Vienna.

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History of Vienna

Heldendenkmal der Roten Armee or “Soviet War Memorial”

The above Soviet or Russian War Memorial is at the “Schwarzenbergplatz” area of Vienna. You can reach here by foot from the Main Train Station or by local transit buses. It is close to Pedestrian Street! It is a memorial commemorated for the WWII Victory of the Red Army over the Germans in 1945. The Heroes Monument (surrounding the Lone Soldier erected in the midst of the arena) honors the fallen 17,000 soviet soldiers who helped the various Europeans free themselves from the Germans! Let’s take a brief glimpse of the same!