Happiness – your take?

Happiness – your take?

by Naina Singh Chauhan

This is a debatable topic for most of you. For me, it’s just a self-analysis of all the deeds that I have done throughout my life. Are you yourself happy to be completely happy with everyone? Look again. Happiness – what is your take? For me, traveling inspires me to smile every second of the day; or even smile if I am with my close ones. Writing makes me happy. Photography makes me happy. Inspiring others from my knowledge makes me happy. I have reformed myself. Something has transformed immensely my personality during the past years. I cannot really buy happiness. It is an intangible expression and essence. How about a euro-trip? Does it make you happy?

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Many people have said, ‘Be Happy’.

Is it easy to say than done? After all, we are always on our lappy.

Are laptops addictive? Are they a cure?

We cannot really be so sure.

It’s the time to sing and dance,

Let’s give ourselves another chance. 

We have our versions of happiness,

Some show it via forgiveness.

How do you spread the concept of a smile?

It’s what you cannot find in a file.

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So, what do you think? Can you as well express happiness in the words of a poem? It’s quite interesting if you try to attempt. We are misconceptions of what makes us happy. Ask yourself again, “Are you happy?” or “Is this making me smile?”. Be extraordinary, do something out of your regular routine. Trust me, you will feel electrical impulses racing quickly to make you smile.