Photography Storytelling

Welcome everyone to this exciting page of my fashionable travel journal! Who doesn’t love clicking photos? I am sure you (Yes you are reading this very line) love taking pictures with different point of view! Photography is all about storytelling! Well, what is storytelling exactly? This word keeps popping up from time to time! What is your favorite genre of photography? How about Wildlife photography? Or Macro photography? What are your picks? You can always email me at

Quarantine & Chill Photos!

Earlier, I had run a photography contest with the audience and my friends circle (No partiality of course – completely judged on neutrality). I didn’t know until the pictures had been displayed that we have a huge readership that are photographers themselves! Even you are a good one! Check the photos in your phone or desktop albums yourselves! Btw, you can check the contest work at: Photography is an art – Fashionable Travel Journal by Naina (

Also, as I was browsing the net, I came across upon an article on how to become a full-time photographer. Would you want to become one? Please, have it a read – 7 Full-Time Photographers Share How to Become a Professional ( You shall learn everything about Photography Storytelling!