Interview with Naina

Interview with Naina

Interviewer: Rishi Chauhan, Owner of

Hey everyone!! I am so excited to announce that I have my first interview, i.e., Interview with Naina, published on an established website dedicated to SEO & Blogging! Since I am a travel blogger & I have my website created “TravFashJourno.Com”. Click on the above image to read more! I shared valuable insights on how I thought of starting a blog and creating a website on the same. What were the challenges I faced? Was I scared? What were my motivations? What is my background? How did I enter the Digital world? What is my connection to Advertising & Digital Marketing? How did I learn digital marketing? How did I connect with SEO? Is SEO easy? Is SEO difficult? What are my travel tips and tricks? What are the travel hacks you can use? Why did I create a blog? All questions answered in my interview! A sneak peek for everyone is shared below! Any questions, please let me know 🙂

Excerpts from Naina’s Interview

naina singh chauhan interview


To Read More, please do visit the website of a renowned blogger and entrepreneur, Rishi Chauhan, IndianBlogger.In to check out my complete interview!