Happy Motivational Poems

motivational poems
naina singh chauhan

Happy Motivational Poems

This post is all about being motivated. We really need motivation in our daily lives especially to drive anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other vices away from our human souls and lives. Poetry really calms your mind. Why not write motivational poems to self-motivate? Great Idea right? It’s a good habit and truly it feels energizing. You also try it! But, first, read my poems in the paras below. Hope you like them! Hope they calm your mind and body and soul. A smile from these poems is my goal. Let’s all read the Happy Motivational Poems together. Comment!

The Rising Song

5 Tips for Exercise Motivation
Source: Intermountain Healthcare

Be fierce and face strong,

Think of words as a beautiful song,

Make your journey worthwhile,

Don’t let your fears compile.

Splash of agony and tears of pain,

Let the mahogany make you sane,

Do your deeds, all for the good,

It is our bit to enhance our mood.

Influence the masses with a handful of cups,

Also, be passionate for the roadside pups,

Listen deep within your soul,

Life is not fried noodles in a kitchen bowl.

Gear up boy, buckle up girl,

It is not the time for toys and curls,

Sink the ship of turmoil,

But, don’t feed on the raging spoils.

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The Early Bird

5 Health Benefits of Being an Early Riser
Source: Women’s Health

Rise and shine at early hours,

If you are lucky enough, you see droplets in the flowers,

Take a breath of fresh air,

Up and ready for another dare?

Clean up the household well,

Make sure that no one rings your bell,

Dust the doormat just right,

You don’t want the mosquitos to give you a fright.

Shake well what you have of a bed,

One two three, enough said,

Pillow talk can be fun,

But, not as pleasant sitting under the sun.

The Optimistic Patient

Are We Living in a Post-Happiness World? - The New York Times
Source: The New York Times

Farewell to the comfortable sofas and chairs,

My o My, it’s time for me to wash my hair,

Soak yourself well under the sun,

Only with a warm team and a delicious bun.

Enjoy the chirping of the birds on the tree,

There is a lot that you can learn from me,

Be kinds, compassionate and resourceful,

Consider it as karma as it’s worth the pull.

Where one door closes, another door opens,

How about not speaking about any omens,

Beguiling as your personality can be,

It’s always good to have a shopping spree.