Vienna in Austria

Vienna in Austria

Vienna in Austria is indeed the most beautiful city in Central Europe! Known as the “Beautiful City of Europe”. You may find more than 3-4 palaces around the city itself. The Royal Family of Vienna always uses various Palaces depending on the season. Winter Palace used in Winters. Summer Palace is used in Summers. Also, the very famous “Schönbrunn Palace”, the actual home of the Austrian Royalty! It was their way of spending time in all areas of Vienna, covering all parts!! In my added photographs, you can spot both of them and the flora as well as various architectural structures near the Vienna River!! Also, do not miss Eugenio of Savoy Heldenplatz Statue (in front of the Universal Music HQ building) ~ Keep on scrolling down!!

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Schönbrunn Palace – The Residence of the Royals

Schönbrunn Palace
The Entrance to the Schönbrunn Palace!

Vienna’s Summer Palace

The Beautiful Viennese Summer Palace
The Arrival Hall for the Summer Palace
Vienna in Austria
Fountain of Fun @ the Summer Palace!

Lovely places to visit in Vienna, Austria

The Arts-Music Building of Vienna
16th Century Protestant Church
Vienna in Austria
Opera House of Vienna!
The Ferris Wheel behind the Petrol Pump
Eugenio of Savoy Heldenplatz infront of Universal Music HQ of Central Europe
Vienna in Austria
Main Pedestrian Square with Tram!
Vienna in Austria
The Dining Area near the Universal HQ
Average Crossroads!

Vienna’s Winter Palace

Vienna in Austria
Presenting you the WINTER PALACE!
Vienna in Austria
Me (Your Host & Dost) enjoying the HOP ON HOP OFF Bus Ride around the Palace
Vienna in Austria
Winter Palace of Vienna
Vienna in Austria
The Head front of the Winter Palace
Vienna in Austria
Sunkissed Left Side of the Winter Palace!
Vienna in Austria
2nd Part of the Winter Palace!

Eugenio of Savoy Heldenplatz – Statue in Vienna

Vienna in Austria
Eugenio of Savoy Heldenplatz

He commanded as a Field Marshal in the Army of the “Holy Roman Empire”. He was also a part of the Austrian Dynasty. Apart from the same, he was appointed at the highest ranks of the Imperial Court of Vienna. He was known for his heroics in battles fought against many empires. He was one of Austrian’s supreme army marshals and a fighter, and successfully had defeated the Ottoman Turks at the Battle of Zenta in 1697! Hence, his statue is placed in the mainframe of Austrian Areas! Just imagine! Right in front of the Universal Music HQ building!

Naina Singh Chauhan

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